Succession Season 3

The first trailer Succession Season 3 follows last season’s shocking finale, in which the Roy family goes to battle. This HBO Awards darling was a steady burner hit in its first season and received even greater praise in the second. You can follow the in-fighting and exploits of the toxic Roy clan. succession provided this is a whip-smart take at the powerful elites in the media industry. The series has been on hiatus since 2019, when it last released new episodes. Production was temporarily halted due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Jeremy Strong, Kendall’s loyal son made a bold declaration to the entire world about where Succession left off. Instead of taking the blame for Waystar RoyCo’s many misdeeds Logan ( Brian Cox ) exposed his father and revealed that he had known all along that his company was hiding years worth of sexual misconduct. This set the stage for an explosive season 3. All family members were forced into taking sides in this new conflict.

HBO has unveiled Tuesday’s first trailer for Succession season 3. The footage shows that Logan won’t take Kendall’s betrayal lightly. It appears that there will be a fierce fight ahead as the battle lines are drawn. Check out the trailer below.

YouTube video

Kendall’s season 2 twist against his dad was stunning. Viewers can see right from the beginning of the Succession trailer that this man is being reborn. While he spent most of the second series with his tail between his legs he is now back and ready for battle. It appears that his first order is to rally his siblings against Logan. But it remains to be determined if any will bite. Shiv (Sarah Snook) is perhaps the most important question mark. She seems split between Logan, Kendall, and Shiv. Whatever the outcome, she has her eyes on the top.

This extended look at Succession 3 continues to feature many of the same things that fans have come accustomed to from the series. From a bizarre and profane exchange between Tom and Cousin Greg, to the black humor tacked onto it at the end of each clip. Succession is still not available for release, although it will debut sometime in the fall. Sanaa Lethan, Alexander Skarsgard and Adrian Brody are all new members of the cast. The longer than anticipated hiatus allowed for more excitement, and the trailer below promises Succession that it will return with a bang. It’s hoped it can keep its winning streak going with clever twists and witty dialogue as well as some truly horrible characters.