Succession Season 3

Grab your deck shoes and tune in to Nicholas Britell. HBO’s succession return for a 3rd season.

“We’re thrilled that Succession with its explorations of wealth, family and power has resonated so strongly” Francesca Orsi was the executive vice president for HBO drama programming in 2019, a statement she made just two weeks after the show’s debut.

Following the Emmy-nominated Season 2 with its shocking finale, what is next for Waystar Royco’s family and Waystar Royco? According to HBO, the father-son war is taking place between Logan Roy, Logan Roy, and Kendall Roy. “Ambushed at the end of Season 2, Logan Roy enters Season 3 in perilous circumstances,” the official synopsis says. Tensions rise when a bitter corporate fight threatens to spiral into a family civil battle.

This is what we know so far.

The new season could air in late 2021.

Casey Bloys – chief content officer of HBO and HBO Max – stated that in a “normal universe”, they would aim to release the fourth quarter this year. “But that would be mean we don’t get hit with any covid delays,” he stated. “A lot will depend upon how the vaccine rolls out, and how significant COVID is. Although the vaccine is still in production, it is likely to become less difficult to handle. It’s hard for us to know right now.

Succession Season 3


Season 2 finale of Succession left fans stunned. Logan turned on Kendall, the sincere son who wants to please his father. Instead of blaming a huge coverup scandal about crimes committed aboard cruise ships for the company, he reveals documents provided by Greg to prove that his father is the evil mastermind behind every detail. Logan gives his son an uncharacteristic smirk before season 2 begins.

Kendall has now betrayed Logan, and he may soon be taken out of his father’s favor. This means that Shiv could take ownership of the company. Kieran Culkin suggested that Season 3 might see Roman, an actor who plays Logan. Shiv’s and Kendall’s spotlights have been given to Roman. What does this signify? What happens to Roman, Kendall, or Shiv? The third season will show us Logan’s fate now that his dark actions are public. Will he be held responsible for the consequences? Or will his influence and power allow him to get away with wrongdoings?

Succession Season III Cast

Season 3 stars some huge names. We’ll be discussing them below.

  • Brian Cox Logan Roy- Logan Roy was the founder of Waystar Royko Entertainment, a multibillion-dollar media- and entertainment company.
  • Jeremy Strong Kendall Roy- Logan’s son Logan struggles with drug abuse, relationship problems and proves his worth to his father.
  • Kieran Culkin Roman Roy- The immature and third son Logan Roy.
  • Sarah Snook Shiv Roy Logan’s sole daughter is just like her brothers in cunning and deceit.
  • Hiam Abbass Marcia Roy Logan was Marcia Roy Logan’s third wife.
  • Alan Ruck Connor Roy – Logan was Logan’s youngest son. He now lives in Mexico and is running for the Presidency.
  • Matthew Macfadyen– Tom Wambsgans: Shiv’s husband who plays a prominent part in Waystar
  • Nicholas Braun Greg Hirsch- Logan’s nephew that reveals the crimes his uncle has committed.
  • Justine Lupe– Willa Ferreyra- Connor’s love interest.
  • David Rasche Karl Muller is a member of Waystar’s legal team.
  • Fisher Stevens Hugo Baker – Hugo Baker is an executive at Waystar who was responsible for covering up the Brightstar Cruise Lines scandal.
  • Alexander Skarsgard Lukas Mathsson- CEO and founder of a school. He will be one of the new faces to appear in Season 3.
  • Adrien Brody– Josh Aaronson- An affluent activist investor in Waystar. He will also play a new role.
  • Sanaa Lathan– Lisa Arthur- A popular lawyer.
  • Linda Emond– Michelle-Anne Vanderhoven- A White House aide
  • JihaeBerry Schneider – A public relations specialist.
  • Hope Davis– Sandi Furness: Daughter of Sandy Furness. Logan’s archnemesis.