Since the season in which Atletico won the league title, the mattress entity did not have a scoring trio among the top gunners of the season. Despite having two games less than most of the teams, the rojiblancos have three players in the Top 10 of LaLiga’s top gunners. Luis Suarez has recovered the scoring efficiency that Simeone’s team has lacked in the past. His nine goals have given Atlético many points and he has also been helped by Llorente and Joao Felix. The Madrid player has six goals and the Portuguese five. Thus, more than three-thirds of the rojiblancos in the domestic championship have come from the boots of some footballers who have shown a high level this season and only the current downturn of Joao Felix tarnishes some exciting numbers.

Thus, there is no doubt that the fact of not having a single scorer and having footballers who accompany the benchmark point in this work is one of the keys for Atlético to be at the top of the table. In fact, since the season in which LaLiga was won, something like this had not been achieved.

After having played 16 league games, in the 2013-2014 season Atletico had three players with 23 goals. Diego Costa (13), David Villa (6), and Raul Garcia (4) were in charge of getting the highest possible points against the work of the rest of the team. Since then, neither the good numbers of Griezmann or Morata have been accompanied. For example, in the last League, the Madrilenian reached matchday 16 with only five goals and saw how Joao and Costa were behind him with two. In the last exercise of Griezmann as rojiblanco, they added five goals at this stage of the championship and was accompanied by Correa and Thomas, who had pierced the rival goal twice.

The best record for the Frenchman with the red and white shirt occurred in the 2015/2016 campaign when he reached six goals on matchday 16. Then he had the scoring company of Torres and Carrasco, with two goals each. Mandzukic had good numbers in the 2014/2015 season. The Croatian reached six goals, double that achieved by Griezmann and Tiago. Thus, with 29 goals in favor in LaLiga, at the top of the table if the number of games played by all teams is equated and with the only mole from the defeat against Cornella, there is no doubt that Atletico has reasons enough to believe and dream of repeating past successes. We’ll see if the streak continues.