Hopper’s (David Harbor) struggles on Stranger Things with alcoholism were the result of Sara’s death, but that plot was largely shelved once things started at Hawkins. More about the character’s past will be revealed in the upcoming season.

It was revealed that Hopper may have to start dealing with some of the traumas from his past that he has put aside. David Harbor says fans will be able to see a warrior side to Hopper in his backstory on Stranger Things.

However, he also says that many of Hopper’s past mistakes will come to light and come back to haunt the Hawkins police chief. It looks like season 4 of Stranger Things will be something of a reckoning for Hopper.

Jim Hopper will not only have to deal with escaping from the Russian prison camp, but he will also have to deal with his demons in Stranger Things. The consistently wild events at Hawkins have largely prevented him from doing that.

Another interesting aspect of the David Harbor quote is the warrior aspect of it. While the Chief of Police has also shown his willingness to fight for who and what he loves, Stranger Things season 4 will take that to a whole new level.

Details have been pretty scant about Stranger Things season 4 so far, but with production running, David Harbor has been quite open in revealing his excitement for the upcoming season.