Stargirl Season 2

A new Stargirl season two poster teases the show’s most recent villain Eclipso along with his gem, known as the Heart of Darkness. Stargirl follows the superheroic escapades of Courtney Whitmore, a high school student who comes into ownership of this Cosmic Staff, which once belonged to the legendary Starman. Following its first season on DC Earth and The CW, another season was greenlit in July of this last year.

Throughout the season 1 finale, Courtney and her newly reformed JSA were effective in foiling the evil plans of the Injustice Society of America, killing its leader, Icicle, in the procedure. Even though a recent trailer for Stargirl season 2 suggests that Courtney’s friends now believe their crime-fighting times as mostly behind them, several new threats are destined to prove them erroneous. One of the major story threads leftover from last year’s finale was when Meg Delacy’s character Shiv discovered a mysterious diamond and said, “I visit you, Eclipso.” The diamond in question is a well-known thing in DC Comics lore, called the Heart of Darkness.

Stargirl Season 2

After mined and formed on the entire world of Apokolips, the center of Darkness was designed to house the essence of the demonic agent of vengeance Eclipso. The CW has given fans a good look in Eclipso’s design in the upcoming season, and also this Stargirl season 2 poster reinforces how important his role will soon be moving ahead. Featuring Stargirl’s Cosmic Staff and Eclipso’s Heart of Darkness, the poster layout suggests the season’s main showdown will most likely be between those two characters. Check out the new poster from The CW below:

Despite having tapped into an abundance of DC Comics lore in its very first season, the inclusion of Eclipso and the Heart of Darkness is merely one of the many treats the series’ showrunner and creator Geoff Johns has planned for lovers. In addition to the yield of Solomon Grundy, Stargirl will also need to contend with a different villain in the form of former ISA member The Shade. Was heavily involved with the DC brand since the late’90s, Johns’ extensive comics knowledge is ensuring that the Stargirl land has access to an abundance of the rich source material.

As though that isn’t sufficient to delight lovers, Eclipso and The Shade aren’t the only additions to Stargirl season 2. Not merely will be John Wesley Shipp set to reprise the role of Jay Garrick, but the Green Lantern’s daughter, Jade, can be set to join the show’s growing roster of classic characters. Stargirl season 2 is set to premiere on The CW on August 10.