Stargirl Season 2

It was only weeks before Stargirl Season 2 is now on the CW’s screens. The CW has released a new extended trailer that shows another DC character joining the show’s cast. Based on Courtney Whitmore comic character, originally created by Geoff Johns to pay tribute to his deceased sister. Stargirl The original order for season 1 was made for DC Universe, which is now defunct. Then it was transferred to The CW. After the success of season 1, a second season has been ordered for The CW in July 2013. A third season is also in the works.

Stargirl season 2’s trailer was released in June and impressed viewers with Jade, the Green Lantern Alan Scott’s daughter. Ysa Pennarejo plays Jade. Johns also teased a possible appearance by her comic-book-brother Obsidian. Johns and the Stargirl group are poised to continue the expansion of DC Comic lore throughout the second season, after the defeat of Injustice Society.

Stargirl Season 2

Recently, an extended trailer suggested that Jade’s recent arrival in Blue Valley may not be the only addition of a rapidly growing cast. While much of the footage featured in the new trailer has already been seen, keen-eyed fans will be the first to recognize the reappearance of Thunderbolt (also known as Yz), a pink genie-like character who is also a member of the original JSA that appeared briefly in the pilot episode. You can check out the new extended trailer from The CW below:

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Stargirl‘s introduction of Thunderbolt marks the latest in a long series of Johns deliberately dipping into DC’s golden-age characters. Yz, an inter-dimensional creature capable of bending reality that was first created in 1940’s Flash Comics #1. Courtney obtained the pen from the JSA Headquarters in season 1. Previously owned by Johnny Thunder, Yz will be used by Malibu Rescue’s Alkoya Brunoson to play Jakeem Thunder.

Fans can also expect Thunderbolt’s and Green Lanterns’ daughter special surprises in the next season. John Wesley Shipp, who is confirmed to be appearing as Jay Garrick in the golden age Flash role, John Wesley Shipp. Stargirl now has the ability to add muscle to her newly reformed JSA. Stargirl Season 2 promises to be packed with action and will be a true treat for those who love classic DC comics. Stargirl The CW will air season 2 on Tuesday, 8/10.