How to Spy on Spouse Cell Phone for Free : Guide 2021


Here is a guide on how to spy on spouse cell phone for free that includes working methods, FAQs and important things to help you with it.

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Often, people feel that their spouse might be cheating on them. It happens with many couples, and often such a reveal completely shatters a person. Are you at such a point in your life? Do you feel that your spouse is cheating on you? It is probably the right time to take the matter into your own hands and confront them with proof. 

Before you take this step, it is better to consider the consequences of your actions. It might be the case that you are getting suspicious for no reason, and your spouse is the most loyal person. In such cases, activities like spying can hurt their feelings and completely ruin a relationship. That is why the best possible way to go through this is to communicate freely with your partner and ask them directly.

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Spy on Spouse Cell Phone for Free: Guide 2020

How to track my Husband’s phone for free? How to see who my wife texts all the time? Where does my partner go after the office? Do you have these questions too? You tried to find ways on the internet, you can, of course, contact a hacker, but that is expensive, and all the other apps need a subscription. No need to worry, as we have the best and cheapest advice for you at such a difficult time in your life.

Please stay away from the shady people on the internet that convince you to pay them good money in exchange for spying on your partner’s phone. Many of those people are con artists who will steal your money. There is no need to search endlessly for apps on the play store or AppStore, trying them and finding out they are fake while completely wasting your valuable time. Here are a few methods to get the job done.

Track Their Phones Using the Best Free Apps

One of the best ways to spy on your spouse phone for free is to track their phones and check whether they are at the place they said they would be. One of the best and easy ways to track their cell phones is to use Google Maps. Google Maps is a built-in app on almost every phone and will not attract suspicion if your spouse sees it on your phone. Here is what you need to do to get this working.

google maps on your spouse's phone

  • Open google maps on your spouse’s phone when they might be away for five minutes.
  • Click on their profile image in the top right of the screen and select Location sharing from the menu.
  • Select ‘Until I turn it off’ when asked how long you need the sharing to be active, and then send the link to yourself.
  • After sending the link, delete the message from their phone, and disable the notifications for the Maps App.

Now you can easily track their live location without them knowing for free for at least three days. You can also send the link to yourself using Whatsapp or any other messaging service.

Access Their WhatsApp Messages Without Them Knowing

Sometimes you want to check who is the person with whom your partner is always on the phone. You will need to look at their Whatsapp messages in such cases, but this can be tricky when using other apps. You have to do it fast, so here is a way for you to access your spouse’s Whatsapp messages for free. It would be best if you were quick and remember to check you have completed all the steps.

  • Open a web browser on your laptop and computer and open “
  • Open your spouse’s phone and open their Whatsapp messenger app.
  • Click on mope options in the top right and select Whatsapp Web.
  • The previous steps will open a scanner on your phone.
  • Scan the QR code that appears on your browser and access their Whatsapp on your browser

spy whatsapp

But their Whatsapp app on the android smartphone will keep on displaying that Whatsapp web is active unless you follow these following steps.

  • Open Settings on your spouse’s phone and select ‘App Management.’
  • Open the app list and select Whatsapp.
  • Click on ‘Other Notification’ and toggle it off.

Your partner will not know whether you see their Whatsapp unless they open the Whatsapp web. Then they might log out of the other device, but for users who don’t use Whatsapp web, this method can easily give you a few days’ windows.

Access Their Facebook and Instagram Messenger With Google Account

Often people don’t use WhatsApp as their primary mode of communication and prefer apps like Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, Snapchat, and others to chat and contact. If your spouse uses these apps for their escapades, you should follow these steps to check what your spouse might be doing. This Trick is a little challenging, as this requires a bit more time and caution.

  • Open the Web Browser on your spouse’s cell phone or personal computer.
  • Click on the Options button on the top right and select settings from the list.
  • Go to Security and open Autofill.
  • The browser will now list all the Usernames and passwords of all the websites and web apps they access frequently. In most cases, it includes almost all the social media accounts they have.
  • Using the Credentials you get on their device, log into the web apps through a  browser on your phone or Personal Computer. Now, you can easily see the messages they exchange with anyone.
  • You can use this to access any information you require.

These are the best ways to access and spy on your spouse’s phone without installing any apps or paying any price. These methods are straightforward. While they may require access to the target phone, you can have easy access to their phone as a spouse. In the next section, we answer some of the common queries you might have. 

FAQs | Spy on Spouse Cell Phone for Free

There are millions of queries regarding spying on cell phones and therefore, we have answered some unanswered and hyped queries for you peeps.

Is it legal to spy on spouse’s cell phone for free?

The best way to legally spy on someone’s cell phone is to get their consent before doing or making sure that you own the device in some way.

How can I spy on a cell phone without installing software on the target phone?

We have listed above The best methods to spy on your spouse cell phone for free, and none of them require you to install any software on the target phone. You can easily change a few settings and get it to report to you on their every activity.

How to spy on someone’s phone without them knowing for free?

The best way to make sure they don’t find out quickly about how you used their phone to spy on them is to use the method out of the ones we have listed above and disable the notifications for the apps you use, e.g., maps and browser.

Closure | Spy on Spouse Cell Phone for Free

These are some of the best methods we could find for people who need to find the truth about their spouse but can’t spare much cash or don’t want to do anything too technical. These methods can quickly help you if you need to spy on your spouse’s escapades. We would also like to warn you that these methods are purely for information purposes. Any malicious activity you commit using this is your sole responsibility. 

Also, consider talking to your spouse more openly and listening to them. It may clear a lot of your suspicions and give you better insight into your relationship’s status. We hope that we helped you when you needed to spy on spouse cell phone for free.