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Having an iPhone for your kids is a worriment, but who can deny those little chirpers with the privilege of the smartphone. I was looking for an iPhone spy app with no jailbreak, but the internet is full of articles around android. However so, I pulled up extensive research into the same and found a few notable apps. It is worth stating that now you can have a spy app on iPhone, undetectable and beneficial. As a parent, I understand the anxieties concerning the security of our children. 

iPhone Spy App No Jailbreak

You must require to spy on iPhone without Apple ID or jailbreak, but you can easily stumble into the holds of the scams. Just to stay protected, discussed below is a listing of three top and functional apps that will work for you without the daintiest of hint. Are we hitherto ready to outsmart our kids! If yes, then muster along. 

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iPhone Spy App No Jailbreak | Really Possible?

Since the iPhone is a cloud-based data device, it becomes a no-brainer to access other activities using credentials which do not require to jailbreak the iPhone. Certain apps claim to magically get you all the information form the target phone without any credentials or jailbreaking.

In such cases, it is a blunder, and we suggest avoiding these types of baits. Spy on iPhone without Apple ID or jailbreak individually is a trusting thing but collectively is a bugger.

Let us have a look at some possible apps that offer iPhone Spy without Jailbreak!

Spyic – the ultimate iPhone spy app no jailbreak 

You must be wondering how Spyic makes it to the top of our list every time? Well, Spyic is the most trusted and most used spying software. Considering the statistics, it is used by millions of people every day from over 190 countries across the world.

Spyic - the ultimate iPhone spy app no jailbreak 

It is simple to set up as you do not need to install any targeted device software. It is entirely web-based. All you need is the login credentials of the iCloud of the remote device, and you are all set to spy or, as you may call it, keep track of your loved ones. Also, Spyic is undetectable because of being web-based and does not drain any extra battery as no app runs in the background.

dashboard of spyic

No need to jailbreak the targeted device as Spyic is a no-jailbreak solution, thanks to its cloud-based solution. It allows you to use many advanced features like social media monitoring and the list of most called contacts without even jailbreaking the device first. 


  • Browser History – Know where your child’s been spending his screen time using this feature. It shows you the entire Safari history and bookmarked websites on the targeted iPhone.
  • Current Location – Want to know if your child is appropriately attending their class or not? Using this feature, you can be aware of where the remote device is using the location tracker. 
  • Message and Call Tracker – This feature updates you with all the calls and messages received by the targeted device, and you can also check the older data if it’s available in the cloud.
  • Social Media Tracker – Keep track of all the messages received and sent through Whatsapp and Line by this feature. But Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and other apps are not trackable. 
  • Photos, Videos, Application, and Contacts Tracker – You get access to all photos and videos captured with the device after the set up along with all backed up photos and videos. Also, you get to know which apps are being used in the iPhone and contacts saved on it. 


Another right choice for iPhone surveillance needs is this app, Spyier. It is also used and trusted by millions of people worldwide. This app is perfect for parents trying to check on their kids. Parents can be sure of their child’s safety and virtual health using this app as it is loaded with features to do the same.

spyier - spy on iphone without installing software

This app is entirely web-based and lets you spy on the targeted device discreetly. It requires no jailbreak as it works on a cloud database. Just manage to get the device and the iCloud username and password for a few minutes until you complete the desired device’s installation process. The installation process is pretty straightforward. You don’t need any extra technology-related knowledge for that.

All you need is a stable internet connection and the login credentials of the iCloud. Spyier comes with a powerful keylogger that lets you capture the keystrokes of essential things like passwords and hence, gain access to more apps. This tool can sometimes prove to be of great importance as it opens the door to more authority over the targeted iPhone. It runs on the background very stealthily but does not affect the phone’s performance or battery backup. 


  • Message Reader – Apart from the periodic messages, you can now also view messages deleted from the device as all the notes are saved elsewhere and are easily accessible to you.
  • Location Tracker
  • Social Media Tracker – This feature allows you to track most of the favorite social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. 
  • Browser History Access
  • Contacts Book Access
  • SIM Change Notifier – This feature sends you a notification if the SIM card on the targeted device is changed. And also, you get access to SIM card information.
  • Calendar Access

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Another no jailbreak solution for iPhone surveillance needs is the Cocospy app. It is easy to set up and takes just a few minutes for the same. Cocospy is considered one of the best spying apps because of its positive popularity and good reputation, and its fulfilling features and services.

cocospy - spy app for ios

This app also works by syncing with the iCloud of the targeted device so that you will need those login credentials and the device itself for a few minutes. This app’s location feature is outstanding and can be better than the other apps making this app reliable. This app is nearly impossible to detect as nothing installs on the iPhone. And it keeps running in the background without affecting the battery or the phone’s performance.

This is a keeper for parents out there planning to buy an app for their kids’ phones as the location tracker works amazingly. Cocospy comes with a powerful keylogger that can log valid usernames, passwords, Safari searches, things written in MS office software, and lots of other important stuff. 


  • Message Reader 
  • Media Files Access
  • Call Log Access
  • Browser History Access
  • Location Tracker
  • Calendar Events Viewer
  • SIM Information 

Is It Possible to Spy On Two Phones Simultaneously?

Yes, it is very much possible to spy on more than one phone at the same time. In fact, most of the apps do celebrate this multi-device functionality. However, this may increase the budget a little. Because these apps are exclusive and have different price plans according to their preferences.

Closure | iPhone Spy App No Jailbreak

Hopefully, the days will come when this world will be a better place, and there would be no need to secretly monitor the softer generation. But till then, we have to rely on the iPhone spy app no jailbreak.

You must have had your own experiences with such apps that spy on iPhone without installing software. So, do not forget to share your story or opinion down in the comment box. And we are open to suggestions about what next would you like to learn on in our upcoming articles.