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Looking for the Best Hidden Spy Apps For Android? Well, as it may seem wrong with the word ‘spy,’ it is not always bad when you are protecting your kids from the malicious online world. Given, there are a lot too many options to keep you oscillating from one alternative to another. Moreover, it is reasonably likely that you may land on a scam and regret all of your money on a worthless app. There are, however, a few options that are worthy, legal, and optimized for your phone and purpose.

hidden spy apps for Android

This is an article on best free spy apps for 2020, which strains out all your worries about the choices of Spy Apps available online. So, read this in-depth to obtain maximum learning about the suitable app from the list of genuine hidden spy apps. We undoubtedly claim to provide the most affordable and original products for the sake of peace and kindness. Muster along. 

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Best Hidden Spy Apps For Android | Guide 2020

Do Hidden Spy Apps for Android Work in 2020? 

Yes, in all aspects, they do work. As it is a program in the form of an app. That needs to be installed on the target phone. And, once the app is there on the phone. It camouflages in an undetectable way so that the person doesn’t get an idea of being spied on. You can go through media, texts, websites, and a lot more once you have the access, even from far. 

There are a few apps that do require phone rooting for the best possible monitoring. With the phone in root mode, technical potential unlocks on many levels. Though it is not a suggestive statement to get your phone rooted but a lot of times, people ask for the process. Do visit this link here to know more about the procedure in detail. 

Is It Possible To Spy Without Installing An App For Android?

It is not possible technically to spy without at least once having to touch the target phone. But if someone or some app claims to offer so. Immediately, look away because it would be nothing but magic or an utter scam. In the computer language, this can be explained effectively under the term Android Admin Rules.

hidden spy apps for android

However, in simple terms, unlike an iPhone, which has a cloud server, your android fails to administer proper breaching remotely. Thus, for this purpose, you have to lay your hands on the phone to get the control you require. There are a number of ways and tactics to make this happen. But let’s leave this for the comment section below.

Are Spy Apps Legal?

The legality of an app is a standard set of terms and conditions which meets the criteria of ‘depends’ and enjoys the benefit of the doubt. Now in a more precise sense, let us say that monitoring your own kids and tracking employees on a professional level is a legal thing.

Are Spy Apps for Android 2020 Legal?

However, with the consent of both parties, spying, tracking, and even monitoring are all permitted for expanding domains. So, it is not okay if you are spying on your spouse or partners, friends, students, colleagues without having a talk with them. It depends on the state you live in and also the law of the firm, but it is always advisable to consider this with a law attorney or HR, eventually.  

Are Hidden Spy Apps for Undetectable?

Yes, all of the listed apps are undetectable. Some apps may result in battery drainage or data usage abnormality in the target phone, which may lead a doubt, but there remains no trace or icons of the spying app altogether. A few are free while others charge for the same service, so research well or consider the ones mentioned.

Spyic  (Best Hidden Spy App For Android)

  Spyic spy-app is recognized as the leader among all the spying apps. This is used by over a million people all around the world because of its outstanding features. It takes around 7 to 10 minutes to set up as it has a self-explanatory user interface. And this app guides you thoroughly through the setup process. If you have some experience with spying apps. And you must be aware that most of the apps out there require phone root to operate but doing this is kind of risky for your device.spyic - best hidden spy apps for android 2020

The best thing about this app is that it does not require a phone root or jailbreak. Fortunately, Spyic is web-based for iPhones and is undetectable in case you want to spy on someone discreetly. For android users, it comes in the form of a 2 MB app, and you get the option to hide the app. Moreover, it does not drain any extra battery or affect your phone’s performance when running on the background.


Thanks to the keylogger feature of this app, now you can record all the keystrokes made on the targeted device. It also lets you record the username and passwords of various platforms and keep track of notes made and even emails sent out. 


 iKeyMonitor is yet another outstanding spying app, and this one is also used by millions of people across 190 plus countries. It is used by parents and employers to keep track of their children and employees and also by people in relationships to check if their partner is loyal or not.

ikey monitor spy apps

This software is undetectable, and you don’t even have to install any app. If the target device is an iPhone, you just need the login credentials of the iCloud, and when spying on an android device, you have to download a 2 MB app. The app is entirely legit and undetectable as you get the option to hide the app.

Check where your child is going or if your employees are loyal to your business or not. This app also does not require root or jailbreak to operate and is entirely data-friendly. You don’t need to worry as it is already trusted by millions of users around the world. 


Moving on with the list, here we have this another ghost app that is, in some aspects, different from the others. Track your child’s or employee’s device without letting them know using this app. With overwatch, you receive screenshots of the targeted device from time to time, enabling you to understand what app or website they are using randomly.

hoverwatch - best spy apps for android 2020

Be aware of where your kid, employee, or spouse actually is as this app randomly clicks photos by turning on the camera, and you have full access to the images. And also, it comes with a GPS location tracker. This app also captures screenshots of feeds of various apps such as Instagram or youtube and shows them to you without them knowing. Furthermore, messages and texts from all apps, including Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. are tracked and visible to you.  

FlexiSPY (Excellent Spy App for Android 2020)

This app, FlexiSPY, gives you a little extra authority over the targeted device. But also, as we know, good things come at a small additional price. 

flexi spy app

This hidden spy app lets you listen to live surround sound of the targeted device, record calls. It also allows you to intercept calls in real-time, listen to call recordings, and also you can take photos from the targeted device’s camera, that too, remotely.


FlexiSPY runs well enough in non-rooted phones. One notable feature of FlexiSPY is the password grabber, it lets you capture keystrokes of essential things like passwords. Thanks to the world’s most advanced phone monitoring software, it supports all types of phones, including Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian, and Windows mobile. But one thing to take into consideration is that the live call interception feature is available only on rooted devices.


mSPY was founded back in 2010 and has managed to make quite a good reputation with its remarkable features and its live customer guiding service. With this app, you get access to all the photos and videos stored on the targeted device.

mspy as

For your kid’s safety, it comes with a live GPS location tracker. The best feature of this app is the ‘Geofencing.’ Which is like a virtual fence, or we can say a virtual boundary.  Create borders on the map, which, if crossed by your child, give you a notification updating you with the whereabouts of your child. And also, all the chats are tracked, be it of Kik, WhatsApp, Facebook, or any social media platform.

Website bookmarks are recorded and sent to you by this app. Which keeps you updated with what websites your child visits and has bookmarked. This app is also undetectable. It is an ideal choice if you are planning on buying an app for your child’s security. 


TheOneSpy is a fantastic phone monitoring software and is packed with 250 plus features. It has a universal dashboard where you’ll see all the tracked info in real-time. It is available for Android, Mac, and Windows. But it isn’t known for iOS as it cannot monitor iPhone user’s activities.

one spy apps

The Control Panel of the app comes in 10 different languages. Including Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, English, and more. More on, you will know the battery level of the targetted device. Also the network status (wifi or cellular), device storage space, and other important info. It is the best of its kind, but an alternative to this app is the Spyzie app. It has different pricing for different platforms; Android plans are other from Windows plans, as well as the macOS plans.

For Android: There are monthly plans, quarterly plans, and annual plans. Monthly plans are $20/month and $35/month for the TOS XLite Edition and TOS Premium Edition, respectively. The quarterly plans are charged $45/quarter and $55/quarter for the TOS XLite Edition and TOS Premium Edition, respectively. The annual plans tend to be a more significant deal as compared to the others by charging $65 and $95 for the TOS XLite Edition and TOS Premium Edition, respectively.

For Windows and macOS: The Windows and macOS plans are: $40/month, $60 per 3 months, $80 per 6 months, and for the annual subscription, it is a $110 amount. The features of this app include Social Media Monitoring, Capturing screenshots of the target device, Keylogger, Monitoring multiple devices, Logging, Video recording, and Bugging.

Closure | Best Hidden Spy Apps For Android

It is always best to keep you and your family safe from this fragile world. You went through a list of best-hidden spy apps for android, and to take it effectively is an excellent step towards caring for your loved ones.

Use these apps for keeping the online safety and real-time location of your ward the utmost priority. We must not tell you how to use it. But we believe that it serves your purpose in the right way. Share your experiences with us in the comment section below.