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Sports play an integral part in ensuring athletes have recognized events to show their prowess. In the US alone, you’ll come across several leading sporting options. These range from high school and collegiate options, to professional games in major leagues. These events gather huge crowds every year, owing to how many sports fans there are in the country.

Top Rated Sports in the US

Although North Americans have several games available to them, some of these have a larger fanbase. That’s evident through the views and income generated whenever these games occur. The reasons behind this vary from having several high-profile events throughout the year to a game’s history in the country. Whatever the case, we’ve compiled a list of the sports that US-based fans are always keen on.

  • American Football

American football, or football, currently holds the title of the most popular sport in America. Fans can look forward to leading events like the NFL season followed by the Super Bowl that go for nearly six months of every year. That’s from the beginning of September to February.

  • Baseball

Following football is baseball in second place. This sport has an impressive following in North America, ranking in the top ten most popular sports worldwide. Fans mainly look forward to the MLB, which occurs between March and October every year. There are 162 games in which 30 teams take part. The remaining two teams then compete for the Commissioner’s Trophy in the World Series.

  • Basketball

In third place is basketball. Fans look forward to the NBA, which runs from October to April. The NBA season features a total of 82 games.

  • Soccer

Lastly is soccer. Compared to the others, soccer has only recently become popular in the US. But globally, it has an impressive following, with most countries calling it football. North American fans can look forward to local events like the USL for men and the NWSL for women.

Other popular sports in the US worth mentioning include:

  1. Ice hockey
  2. Tennis
  3. Motorsports
  4. Golf
  5. Badminton
  6. Wrestling

Sportsbooks for Betting Online

With so much love for sports in North America, it’s no surprise that bets on these events are available. That way, rather than just following your favorite team’s progress in leagues and tournaments, you can wager on the outcome of the games they feature in. We’ve noticed this is a great way to earn profits from your knowledge of various sporting events.

To make your wagers, we’ve come across several gambling halls across various North American states. However, it’s possible to also make your bets online. That way, you have fewer restrictions on your gambling since you don’t have to make time to visit physical bookmakers.

Online bookies come with several perks that make them worth visiting. For starters, you can make your wagers whenever you desire. It can be through your PC, laptop, or even portable devices like a smartphone or tablet. So long as you’ve got a compatible device and internet connectivity, most sportsbooks accepting US bettors allow you access on multiple platforms.

Other benefits that come with wagering online include:

  • Having a variety of sporting events
  • Several markets on available games
  • Bonuses to boost your bankroll
  • Boosted odds on leading matches
  • 24/7 access to bets on popular leagues and tournaments
  • Availability of virtual games

Popularity of Offshore Betting Sites

Since some North American states are yet to make online betting a reality for their residents, fans choose to use offshore gambling sites. That way, they can still make wagers on their favorite events from their home states. On these, we’ve come across impressive, if not better, benefits than those offered by locally regulated sites. So, you get a more enhanced gambling experience while online.

Offshore online sportsbooks are platforms run by overseas operators rather than local ones. That’s because in most states not offering online sports betting options, there are no laws that make it illegal for fans to visit such sites.

However, we’d advise that any offshore platforms players choose to make their wagers should be legitimate options. That’s because clients using overseas bookmakers don’t fall under the various protections offered to those visiting locally regulated sportsbooks.

With an offshore site accepting US members, we noticed you will find your favorite sports and leading events offered. Just ensure you visit sportsbooks that hold licenses from bodies like the UK Gambling Commission or the MGA. That way, all the betting activities you take part in are legitimate as per the gambling industry standards offered globally.