Are you someone who was always interested in going into space? Or maybe you’re just passionate about discovering everything there is to know about what’s out there? It might be entertaining to watch science fiction films and TV series set in space indeed, yet many people want something that’s more realistic. They are interested in space documentaries because this type of movie both entertains and educates. If this is your case, we offer a list of the most interesting space exploration documentaries so that you can choose your favorite; but first, let’s determine how these movies are defined by the film bunch. 

What are space documentaries?

Documentaries about space are miniseries or films based on actual events and discoveries achieved in space. These movies sometimes explore great scientific discoveries about our Universe or focus on well-known space adventures, such as the famous Apollo missions.

Anyone can find all sorts of space documentaries to their liking, whether they are interested in black holes, moon landings, planetary orbits, Mars missions, or searching for alien life. Since it might be confusing to determine what you could begin with, given the abundance of possibilities, we have put together a list of the five best documentaries about space to watch in 2022.

#1 A Beautiful Planet 

A Beautiful planet

Many space documentaries show us how life on other distant planets is. But why not watch something about Earth? If this is what you are interested in, press the ‘play’ button on “A Beautiful Planet.”

“A Beautiful planet” is the best space documentary about Earth because it presents the most stunning views taken with cameras installed on the International Space Station. Watching this movie is quite a memorable experience, as it features Jennifer Lawrence’s narrative and an enthralling soundtrack. What’s even more interesting about “A Beautiful Planet” is that it doesn’t only present beautiful images; it also provides a deeper look at how global warming is impacting life on Earth and how astronauts on board the International Space Station live every day. 

#2 Apollo 11

Apollo 11

The most notorious mission has been covered in many sources, including Orbital Today, and no space movie list would be complete without this space race documentary. 

This movie is excellent if you like seeing old videos of man’s ascent into space. “Apollo 11” is an honor-winning documentary that includes first-hand recordings and images of NASA personnel and astronauts involved in the famous Apollo 11 mission. The story is presented by Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins, Neil Armstrong, and many other staff members who contributed to this mission. There’s no narrator and no external commentary like with other space documentaries. And while there are few interviews here, astronauts’ perspective is clearly highlighted. 

#3 Journey to the Edge of the Universe 


Good space documentaries present evidence recorded with the most technologically advanced space exploration equipment. Watch the “Journey to the edge of the Universe” documentary, made by Nat Geo, if you want something like this. Alec Baldwin is the US Version narrator, but if you want to watch a British version, you will get to hear Sean Pertwee’s voice. In this documentary, you will enjoy many pictures taken with the Hubble telescope, so it will be as if you are taking a virtual trip across space. Stunning, vivid pictures of what the cosmos is like beyond will surely have you seriously considering becoming an astronaut. 

#4 Black Holes: The Edge of All We Know 

Black hole

Are you trying to unravel the black hole’s mysteries? Then watch “Black holes: the edge of all we know,” a documentary that was recently released in 2020.

A year before, in 2019, scientists took the first photograph of a black hole. This stoked the public’s insatiable curiosity and made people wonder how this photo was obtained and what conditions affect human development in space travel. “Black holes: the edge of all we know” documentary investigates the paradox of black holes while tracing two storylines of teams that have been working hard to understand this phenomenon. This documentary is jam-packed with facts and insightful observations that will make you wonder about our Universe.

#5 In the Shadow of the Moon 

Apollo 11

You can watch “In the shadow of the Moon” if you’ve seen all the Apollo mission space documentaries, but your curiosity about the Moon wasn’t satisfied. “In the shadow of the Moon” won multiple awards and features in-depth interviews with every Apollo crew member still alive. All these people were also involved in other space missions between 1968 and 1972. Like earlier documentaries on Apollo missions, this one presents archive videos to add intrigue and provide a deeper insight into astronauts’ lives while they were on their dangerous missions.

Would you add any other documentaries to this list?