Sourav Ganguly, the former captain of the Indian cricket team and the current BCCI President (Sourav Ganguly), is currently admitted to a hospital in Kolkata. During exercise on the treadmill in the gym, he was brought to the hospital after complaining of chest pain. According to doctors, he had a mild heart attack, after which his angioplasty has been done. However, in the meantime, an advertisement has come into the headlines since Sourav Ganguly was admitted to the hospital due to a heart attack. Actually, Sourav Ganguly was seen in an advertisement for an oil brand, in which the oil was said to be safe for the heart. Since then, that advertisement has been trolling fiercely.

Now, in the new development, the company has stopped all the advertisements of oil, in which star Indian cricketer Sourav Ganguly was seen. According to the Economic Times report, the businessman Adani’s company has stopped all the advertisements that Sourav Ganguly was promoting. It is believed that this decision has been taken in view of the trolling being done on social media. Sourav Ganguly’s three artifacts were blocked up to 70 percent, after which he was angioplasty. Ganguly, 48, maybe discharged from the hospital on 6 January. A stent has been put in one of these three arteries while a medical board has been formed for further treatment of two arteries. There can be a decision on this soon.

Kriti Azad Has Tightened Her Head On Ganguly Regarding The Advertisement

Earlier, Kirti Azad, a member of the 1983 World Cup-winning team, also took a dig at this advertisement. He wrote on Twitter on Sunday, ‘Dada, get well soon. Always promote products that have been used before and are reliable. Think about yourself and be aware. God bless you. In this tweet, Kriti Azad shared pictures in which Sourav Ganguly is seen endorsing an oil brand.