Pixar released its latest feature film on Christmas Day. Soul follows the most important day in the life of Joe Gardner , a music teacher who gets his big break . But after a mistake he will end up in the Great Before , a place for souls where he will have to help 22 and discover the meaning of life . A great addition to the Pixar catalog that comes straight to Disney + . Despite its new releases, the audience has questions about other movies and Pete Docter offers answers.

Peter Docter is already a Pixar veteran . His hits include Toy Story , Monstruos SA , Up and Del Revés . He is also in charge of directing the recent Soul and is promoting his latest film, which is already a success for critics and audiences. During an interview with the Huffington Post, he tells why some Pixar films do not answer all the details.

The first big question Peter Docter has is the reason why Buzz Lightyear acts like a toy in some parts of Toy Story . The director’s answer is clear, although they had several answers, they decided not to explain it because nobody cared . For its part, Pixar announced at Disney Investor Day that they were developing a spin-off on the character that inspired the Buzz dolls and that Chris Evans would voice the protagonist.

“We had a lot of conversations about Toy Story, Part 1, about ‘Why if Buzz doesn’t think he’s a toy does he stay still when a kid walks into the room?’ We had a lot of explanations and we talked about that too. But in the end, nobody cared. ”

Another question that Pete Docter was presented with in the interview is about Boo’s parents . In Monsters SA , Randall kidnaps Boo and takes her to the monster world. There she is rescued by Sully who manages to take her back home before it is too late . But what did Boo’s parents think about it? Docter reveals that the Pixar writers had many doubts but in the end they decided not to explain it because Sully is the protagonist and if he does not know, neither does the audience.

“This is one that we also wondered about. And we came up with a lot of machinations to explain it when we were writing scenes. In the end we don’t use any. We feel like ‘OK, the audience doesn’t even need to know because Sully doesn’t know. And we are with Sully. So who cares? Whatever your parents think, we will just ignore it. And in the end it turned out quite well ”.

Pete Docter says that the important thing is not to answer everything , because there are parts that the audience will not be interested in. If not, it is favorable to go ahead and know that you are going to arouse the interest of viewers or, at least, take their interest there. With Pixar’s latest hit , Soul, he hopes audiences will wonder about the important things and not the small details. “I hope the things that we talk about in the movie – you know, what’s going on with our lives? What is important? – all that, are the questions that people ask themselves.