A little more than four years ago, Sony put its first virtual reality headset on the market, an accessory for the PS4 that opened the door to new experiences when playing games. Today, the company has confirmed that it is preparing a new version of the more advanced device that will complement the recently launched PS5.

I am pleased to announce that the new next-generation VR device will be available for PlayStation 5, resulting in the ultimate entertainment experience with dramatically improved performance and interactivity, said Hideaki Nishino, Vice President of Sony Computer Entertainment and responsible for the platform.

Details are still scant and the device will not hit stores this year (the price tag is also unknown), but it will be a substantial improvement over its predecessor, with improvements in resolution, wide field of view, and track. the head movements of gamers, according to Sony. The rumors that have been circulating for months on the network are betting on HDR support on the screens and an eye-tracking function that would offer higher resolution in areas where the eye resolves greater sharpness and less in peripheral areas, giving greater realism to scenes without requiring greater processing capacity from the console.

The helmet will not be wireless but it will connect directly to the PS5 with a single cable (the current device needs an intermediate hub with its own connection to the current) and will also have new control knobs that will take advantage of some of the benefits of the current DualSense, the controllers that Sony includes with the PS5 and that have feedback mechanisms that create tactile sensations that until now were not common in video games, such as the resistance or elasticity of certain materials. In January 2020, Sony confirmed to have sold more than five million PSVR devices, which would make the accessory the most popular virtual reality device on the market, ahead of Oculus, Facebook’s virtual reality platform. The company will launch new titles for the device this year such as After The Fall, Sniper Elite VR, and Humanity