Snabba Cash

An upcoming Netflix web series, Snabba Cash is set ten years after the Swedish film trilogy Snabba Cash. Jens Lapidus’s best selling novel series bearing the same name is the inspiration behind the entire Snabba Cash franchise.

Oskar Soderlund and Lapidus are the creators of the show. It will made under the production of SF Studio’s Nicklas Wikstrom Nicastro. The show is being directed by Jesper Ganslandt.

The show will focus on how the society has turned into a buzzing environment where people want nothing more than money and status. People are absolutely blindfolded to obtain power and position. They would not hesitate to go to any extent to achieve their desires.

We will witness the clashes between the criminals and entrepreneurs in this race for power and money. The criminal world as well as the entrepreneurial jet have become more brutal, chaotic and ruthless. With the collision of these two worlds, we will see the test of loyalty, friendships and business partnerships, all eager to make easy money.

Snabba Cash Release Date

Although no official release date has been announced by the makers, the show is to make its debut sometime in 2021.

The current Covid-19 pandemic situation caused the entire entertainment industry to shut down completely. As the show is still in pre-production in Stockholm, we would not be surprised if any delay occurs. The delays in the production process might push back the release dates.

However, since there has been no official announcement yet, we just have to wait for the confirmation.


We are not yet aware of the entire cast list of the show. But according to certain news we know that Alexander Abdallah, Evin Ahmad and Isa Aouifia are going to be a part of this show. The lead role will be played by Evin Ahmad. The other shows that he was a part of are a feature film Drom Vidare and two Netflix series Quicksand and The Rain Season 2. We might also see Olle Sarri, Dada Fungula Bozela and Jozef Wojciechowicz(ZE). But the roles played by them are not yet known to us. We are also unaware of the other cast members of the show.