• Insults from Roman Reigns, know what happened in the episode of SmackDown
  • The episode of SmackDown saw tremendous matches and segments.

The episode of SmackDown was awesome. WWE booked very good matches and sagas. Fans would not have been disappointed with the Blue Brand episode. So we’re going to talk about the outcome of the episode of SmackDown.

– SmackDown starts with Jay Uso and Roman Reigns

Jay Uso came to the ring after a big defeat in Survivor Series and cut promos. He did not talk about Survivor Series here and talked about Roman Reigns. Roman cut the entry and promo. He tried to convince Jay Uso as usual here and said that he did not need Uso to defeat Drew McIntire in Survivor Series. He also asked Uso to go home after their match but he did not listen. Roman said that if he does not respect J then how will he honor his family or Roman Reigns.

The Romans left after this. Jay Uso looked quite disappointed and he was going backstage. During this time Otis came for his match and Uso started staring at him. Well, he went backstage but upon coming to ringside he attacked Otis badly with a steel chair. Otis appeared stunning.

– Street Profits vs Robert Rudd and Dolph Ziggler

Rood and Ziegler cut promos before the match. Street Profits came and made fun of Dolph Ziggler. Well, the match was not very special and it ended very quickly. Initially, Street Profits performed well but in the end Dolph and Rood got a good performance. He also won with the help of a roll-up.

Result: Robert Rudd and Dolph Ziggler win

Daniel Bryan’s backstage segment was seen. He talked about Jay Uso and Sammy Jane here. Dominic, Ray Mysterio, Alaia and Murphy were interviewed after the break. During this time King Corbin came and made fun of the Mysterio family, including Murphy.

– Daniel Bryan vs Sammy Jane in SmackDown

Sammy Jane cut her promo and discussed many things. Daniel Bryan then arrived and the match began. Both superstars used fairly good moves and finishers. Well, Sammy Jane finally went backstage and the referee continued to count. During this time Daniel Bryan also went looking for him. Sammy comes back into the ring on 9 counts but Bryan does not appear.

Result: Sammy Jane Wins Countout

Sammy was celebrating but backstage showed that Jay Uso injured Daniel Bryan. Kevin Owens tries to stop him and he succeeds. Later Uso departed after the officials and Kevin repeatedly asked.

Backstage Roman Reigns and Jay Uso appeared after the break at SmackDown. During this time Kevin Owens entered there and challenged both superstars.

– Bianca Belair vs Natalia at SmackDown

Bailey was present on the commentary during the match. The match was good and both superstars were heavily influenced. Belair’s match was important and he did a good job. In the end, Bianca Blair won a crucial victory.

Result: Bianca Belair wins

Backstage Adam Pearce and Paul Heyman were seen talking in SmackDown.

– Murphy vs King Corbin at SmackDown

The match was short and King looked very angry. During the match, Dominic, Ray Mysterio and Alaya had a lot of interference and King was not happy with it. In the match, whenever there was an upper hand, there was interference. Finally, Murphy defeated King by taking advantage of Dominic’s interference.

Result: Murphy wins

After the match, at SmackDown, King Corbin took the mic and said that he would be fully prepared for Murphy next week.

SmackDown featured backstage Big E and Apollo Cruise. During this Sammy Jane came there and said that he has an interview and Apollo Cruise including Big E will have to leave from there. Jane then instigates Cruise and later departs. He also had a conversation with Big E, and during this time the former champion held Jane’s hand for 10 seconds.

Billy’s SmackDown commentary appeared on the team. Also saw Carmella’s sagment and he talked about Sasha Banks here. During this he pinched to get his drink. During this, Sasha Banks brought a drink for him and threw his face. After this, Banks attacked Carmela badly.

– Kevin Owens vs Jay Uso at SmackDown

The match proved to be much better. Both superstars were very angry with each other and due to this the match was also tremendous. During the match, Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman were seen watching the match. Kevin’s shoulder was also heavy in the match but Uso also impressed. There was a moment in the match when Jay Uso attacked Owens with a street chair. The match ended with DQ.

Result: Kevin Owens wins DQ

After the match, Jay Uso again tried to attack Kevin. During this time Kevin returns and attacks Jay Uso badly. During this time he challenged the Roman Reigns to come there and attacked him with a steel chair. The Romans did not come and Owens said that he would wait for Reigns. Roman looked backstage angrily.

This ended SmackDown’s episode.