Sira Martínez daughter of Luis Enrique Spanish jumping champion

The emotional memory of Luis Enrique to his daughter Xana

Sira Martínez Cullell the daughter of the coach and former soccer player Luis Enrique and the economist Elena Cullell is the Spanish jumping champion in the category of young riders and has given an interview to the magazine Vanity Fair.

Luis Enrique: He but he is very familiar He has character but he is very familiar. He loves to gather us all in front of the fireplace and play cards for example. And travel. At Christmas, we always go outside Sira who is 20 years old explains to Eduardo Vergo about the most familiar side of her famous father. Sira talks about the death of her sister Xana.

I am too. What I have lived with my sister has made me see the life of another Before I was overwhelmed by the slightest problem. Now I stop to think that there is to live and enjoy every moment. It is not known when our end will be. I try to cope well and get the positive side out of everything, “the successful rider in Vanity Fair’ was honest. I see life differently Sira wanted to talk about the death of little Xana who died at the age of nine due to a bone tumor (osteosarcoma) in August 2019. I am very sensitive but when I have to be strong.

About his passion for the horse world, and the opinion of his parents about it, Sira Martínez Cullell reveals that “at first they did not like this universe they did not understand it. It was a process. Now they enjoy and they support me but  approve I can say goodbye to everything. Sira has inherited the competitive character that Luis Enrique showed in Sporting, Real Madrid and Barcelona My father is competitive and knows what attitude to have in sport. I will go for it. Sira Martínez Cullell: I am going to live life. For me and for my sister “To fight for her dream in equestrianism the young Amazon has not hesitated to move to Belgium, where he combines his sports training with the third year of Business Administration and Management.

about his future plans. At the end of his interview in Vanity Fair Eduardo Vergo says that Sira Martínez Cullell said goodbye with an exciting vital message: I’m going to live life. For me and my sister. I organize myself well. My favorite subject is Marketing. Numbers cost me a little more. When I grow up I see myself on my farm, competing and raising Sira Martínez Cul well who is dating the jockey Paco Goyoaga.