Diego Pablo Simeone analyzed the news of Atletico before the game against Cadiz this Sunday. Positives: We have been saying it since the season started, we are going to have to live with it and we have to be prepared and look for solutions.

They were in a good moment, with characteristics that suit the team very well, but some teammates are very good and they will have a chance. Match by match: We know of the difficulties we will have in Cadiz, with an opponent who is strong in defense and will take advantage of any counter, the aerial game, or associated football on the wing, combining with the side.

We will have to take the game where we think we can save it. Psychological work: I think that the match with Real Madrid did not work well, it did not turn out the way we wanted. Cornellá was an episode that generated difficulties for us, beyond the fact that we like the Cup, it gives us possibilities for everyone to play and that is what that hurts us the most. In the game against Bayern, the result was very strong but we played a good game.

In most situations, the team keeps trying to look ahead and think about what is coming. It is the strength that you see in footballers. Dembele: He is working well, as I told you last week, he is looking for his space, he competes with Joao, Correa, and Suárez in that position and we will look for the moment when the team needs him and competes with his teammates.

Luis Suarez: He came with a tremendous illusion and we are helping him so that he feels comfortable and can be where he feels best. There is a great work of the team to show him. Positives: We have to live with these situations, the protocols are made to be made after knowing these situations, we move forward knowing that we have to live with them all season.

Change of plans: Let’s think, we have time until tomorrow at noon to define the team that will leave in the afternoon, we will see if it is necessary to change the system or continue with the same.

Internal competition: “Saúl had severe back pain last week after Eibar and beyond his involvement, I understood that he had to recover well. On Thursday he trained with everyone and is available again. There is a lot of competition, they are all very good footballers and the competition is that each one takes advantage of every minute.

I have been saying the same thing since there is an option of five changes, which gives us more options for the coaches and the line, if the team is committed, it remains.

Home games: I think it is not playing away from home or at home, we had drawn many games at home at the start and the team is evolving, looking to become stronger, the results until today have fallen on our side and we will try to get out that line match by match.