Shadow And Bone Season 2

Shadow and Bone season 2 has been officially added to Netflix. This means that we are now in for a long wait, saints.

The series was renewed during Netflix’s Geeked Week, which featured news about the most popular shows and movies that viewers are eagerly awaiting to be on the platform in 2021-2022. This included updates for Stranger Things season 4.

There hasn’t been much news beyond the casting video that announced the renewal and the announcement that Shadow and Bone season 2, which was written, that’s been made. This is despite the fact that there wasn’t much to talk about in the weeks following season 1.

What do we know about season 2, other than the fact that it won’t be coming soon? Here are the things that have our attention!

Showrunner Eric Heisserer On Shadow And Bone Season 2

Eric Heisserer, showrunner of Syfy’s Shadow and Bone Wylan-Wylan-Season-2, is reportedly keen to include Wylan as well as Nikolai in the next stage of the series’ journey. He told Syfy that he had spoken to him before the series was renewed:

Shadow And Bone Season 2

I would love to talk about what we might get to see from Six of Crows in the second season. I can tease this much that there will be a hundred percent more Wylan. We’d like to introduce him for sure.

Fans can now see the tease about Kaz and Wylan’s relationship, which may have been hinted at in the first series. There’s also a Jesper who is just waiting to have a relationship with Kaz, in addition to Wylan.

He stated that there would be lots of kissing between Mal (and Alina) This tease confirms that Malina is on the rise as they explore their feelings for each other.

What does this mean for Alina and the Darkling? Darklina and Alina are now on opposite sides. Kirigan forced Alina into submission and tried to use her powers and her abilities to inflict fear upon his enemies and allies.

No matter how dark Darklina feels about Kirigan’s abusive and manipulative actions, there are still work to be done. It’s inextricable.

Although there isn’t likely to be a happy ending in their story, Jessie Mei Li’s chemistry and Ben Barnes’ chemistry are undeniable. Season 2 viewers have a long list of wishes for Alina and Kirigan. Based on the story in Siege and Storm, book fans know exactly how this could happen.

Shadow And Bone Season 2 Release Date

This is all we know so far about the second season Shadow and Bone, except for an expected 2022 release. We don’t know when filming will begin for the series so we cannot speculate as to which month it might drop next year.

The series uses special effects heavily so it will take longer to film. A 2022 release is likely to be delayed. Season 2 would be released in summer 2018, one year after the renewal of the series. However, it is possible that we will have to wait longer for Shadow & Bone‘s second season to air on Netflix.