Sexy Beasts Season 2

“Sexy Beasts” is a Netflix dating series with a unique concept. It’s a show that encourages people to get to know each other regardless of their appearance. Each episode features a single person who goes on a date with three people. However, they are still covered in prosthetic makeup. After the person has chosen their partner, their makeup is taken off to reveal their true face. This reality show is a rerun of the British series, which aired originally on BBC Three in 2014.

The Netflix series was first released in July 2021. It has been compared to other popular shows like ‘Love Is Blind‘ or ‘The Masked Singer‘. The series’ comic aspect makes it even more entertaining. The prosthetic makeup is a highlight, especially since it showcases the work of incredibly skilled makeup artists who have worked on mega-budget films such as ‘Mission Impossible‘ and ‘The Theory of Everything.’ Are you wondering if the entertaining reality show will be back for its second outing?

Sexy Beasts Season 2: Release Date

Simon Welton, the show’s creator, confirmed that additional episodes will be released later in the year. However, he did not give us an exact date. Season 2 may debut later this fall or winter, but we’ll have to wait for an official release date to know for sure.

Sexy Beasts Season 2

We are so excited to receive season 2, and we’re counting down the days before we can watch this show on our screens again. We hope that you are as excited as we are! Until then, you can stream all episodes of Sexy Beasts exclusively on Netflix.

Sexy Beasts Season 2: Host And Cast

Rob Delaney, comedian, actor and writer, narrates Sexy Beasts. He may be familiar with his roles as Peter in “Deadpool 2” and Gil Norman in “Bombshell.” In the British sitcom, “Catastrophe,” he co-created and wrote it with Sharon Horgan. He’s no stranger to voice-over work. Brian O’Brien’s voice on ‘Birdgirl’, Bevel in ‘Bitz & Bob’, and Magnolia in ‘No Activity.

Every episode features a new cast member, each of whom is masked with layers of prosthetic makeup. We saw Kelechi, Nina and Kariselle looking for love in the first season. The upcoming season will feature a new group of singles. Each will choose three people to be their match.

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