Eva Longoria is one of the most beautiful and appreciated stars in Hollywood, a woman who knows what she wants in her career and her intimate life, from choosing the man to make her happy to the small pleasures she allows in her bedroom. The famous brunette was never ashamed to talk about sex.

Not only once did the actress want to reveal secrets about her private life and the press around the world heard every word she said about the sex games she prefers or the orgasms she has. She admits that she is no stranger to sex games.

The Desperate Housewife star says she enjoys being tied up while “ a tall, dark, attractive boyfriend uses her ” for his sexual pleasures as she tries to escape. The star has no problem talking about everything that goes on in her room:

“I was tied up with silk scarves. It’s very sexy to be submissive because it makes you extremely vulnerable, it makes you surrender to your partner. ”

The actress claims that she gave sex lessons to all the men she loved, despite having no luck in love.

“ I wish men knew how to touch women. I’ve taught all my lovers to have sex, although every time I do that, they leave me and go to pleasure another woman ”, revealed Eva.

Longoria believes that sex is natural and that we should all enjoy it, which she tried to do from the beginning:

“ I talked about Brazilian vibrators and waxing in an interview published in a women’s magazine. I only had my first orgasm when I was 26 years old. And that’s because of a vibrator. When I gave this interview, I recommended that women have a Brazilian groin wax at least once in their lives. The sex looks completely different and they will want to be shaved completely again and again… ” concluded the actress.