Sex Education Season 3

Netflix’s Sex Education is a favorite because of its innovative attitude, great characters, and, well… Gillian Anderson.

Here’s all we know about Sex Education Season 3: release date, potential storylines, trailers, and teaser pictures.

Do we have a Sex Education season 3 trailer yet?

We don’t yet have a trailer. However, we do have this funny promo video where the cast encourages students to go to Moordale. It features Jemima in her new headmistress role and Emma Mackey with her fringe.

YouTube video

When is Sex Education season 3 released?

Netflix has confirmed that all eight episodes of season 3 episodes will be released on September 17, 2021.

The third season premiered in February 2020, less than a month after season 2. It was shown in a special video with Alistair Petrie. He was seen walking through an art gallery full of images of the Sex Education cast. Below is the video announcement.

Production on Sex Education season 3 was delayed due to Covid. Filming began in Wales in the early part of September 2020.

Gillian Anderson, Asa, and Co released a video in celebration of heading back to set.

Sex Education Season 3

What will happen in Sex Education season 3?

Asa Butterfield, aka Otis, tweeted “Let’s just say you bunch aren’t ready season 3, trust us.”

In an interview, Otis revealed that the next series wouldn’t begin exactly where the last series had ended. Otis also spoke out about his feelings towards Maeve in a voicemail that was deleted by Isaac.

Asa said, “There is a bit more time-jump between the season two and cliffhanger.” “Otis’s back at school, but he’s got other things on his plates. He’s grown up and is now slightly sassier. It’s been fun to share his newfound charisma. You don’t have to worry though, he is still awkwardly awkward.”

He continued, “We were filmed by paparazzi and people freaked out about Otis growing a mustache. It isn’t real, and I can only say that.

“It’s just a stunt, and it doesn’t stay for the entire season. I don’t think anyone could bear to stare at this thing for so long.


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Who’s in the cast?

Butterfield and Gatwa are all set to return as recurring cast members, along with Mackey and Mackey. Jemima Kirke will be playing Hope Haddon. This is the “cool” new leader of Moordale. But she soon finds herself bizarrely controlling and tries to get things “back on course.”

Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter The OA) is joining Peter Groff. Dua Salesh, a record artist and performer will play Cal. Indra Ole (Resident Evil), will portray Anna, Elsie’s foster mum.

Gatwa stated that Eric’s heritage would be the focus of this season. “This season, Eric explored his heritage as well as his parents’ culture a lot,” he stated. “I find these things extremely powerful because I feel like, when it comes to representation and inclusion, it’s always really powerful for me to say, ‘I’m a Netflix set. This is a Netflix show, so it will be available to everyone. I’m on Netflix and everyone is Black.