Sex Education Season 3

Sex Education season 3 introduces an updated dress code at Moordale, High. So what’s the significance of the grey suits. Netflix’s British students will be back in September 2021. A few first-look images have revealed that students are not allowed to dress casually. Sex Education’s visual change can be attributed to Moordale High’s new Headmaster Hope Haddon as well as the series’ attempts to have a stronger brand identity.

Sex Education’s January 2019 premiere was noticed by many Netflix streamers. The students dress in the style and uniforms of John Hughes movies’ ’80s characters. It makes the Netflix show distinctive, but not authentic. Sex Education also takes place mostly in Moordale High or nearby homes and not at familiar UK locales.

Moordale High’s Grey suit dress code is a result of Hope (Jemima Kirke), becoming the new headmaster in Sex Education season 3. Michael Groff, played by Alistair Petrie, is being replaced. He was made to go on leave following a meltdown at Sex Education’s season 2 finale. Hope will reportedly “return Moordale, to apillar of excellence,” which she did after chastising Dr. Jean Milburn (“Gillian Anderson”) for her advice to students on sexual behavior. Sex Education season 3’s first look photos show Hope adopting a grey-maroon style to honor Moordale High School’s tradition, and possibly to make herself an authority at Moordale High.

Moordale High may have changed its dress code in response to a UK production. Sex Education creator Laurie Nunn may be trying to make the series more relatable and contemporary, as retro ’80s aesthetics continue to be popular in pop culture. The new headmaster will likely strip students off their identity by making them wear uniforms. However, this story twist could allow for stronger character development if the students aren’t feeling like traditional archetypes (Virgin/Bad Boy/Bad Girl, etc.). Sex Education will help highlight teenagers’ personalities through a change in dress code. It’s similar to Netflix’s Elite students at Las Encinas.

The character arc of Hope will be strengthened by Sex Education’s new dress code. This first-look image suggests that she is stern. The students also don’t like the idea of wearing formal clothes to school. (Just as the Sex Education Season 2 ending didn’t please audiences). Kirke, however, confirmed Hope’s vibrant orange jacket as a sign of her colorful personality. According to Hope Haddon (via Instagram), her Sex Education 3 character will be more like Emma Mackey’s Maeve Wiley than the headmaster’s predecessor Mr. Groff.