Sex Education Season 3

Since the cliffhanger of the next season, there have been several rumors regarding Sex Education season 3. Fans have been counting days since the release of this next season. It’s been over a year since the next season of Sex Education premiered on Netflix. In the end, there’s some good information regarding the launch of this next season.

The preceding reports suggest that Sex Education Season 3 is already confirmed for its 2021 release. Now, the biggest question is when the series will premiere on Netflix.

WHEN IS Sex Education Season 3 GOING TO RELEASE?

The production of the series is delayed on account of this coronavirus outbreak, which means that the release will be more further away. The production of the series began in September.

Sex Education Season 3

What is the plot of Sex Education season 3?

Though an official storyline hasn’t been confirmed, however, during a meeting with The Guardian Asa gave us a little insight about what to expect.

‘There is a small time-jump since the season two cliffhanger,’ Asa explained.

‘Otis is back in school but he’s got different things on his plate. He’s grown up a little and become marginally sassier. It’s been fun to portray his newfound charm. Don’t worry, however, he is still tragically awkward also.’

He also elaborated on Otis’ will-they-won’t-they connection with Maeve:’Their relationship continues to grow in season three. In addition, we explore why Otis was running his sex therapy clinic in the first place. Was it merely to be close to Maeve or does he get fulfillment from assisting individuals?’

Additionally, there is a lot of loose ends from the previous show that need tying up.

For one instance, Jean learns she’s pregnant in the season finale after her connection with Jakob has crumbled. Adam also eventually publicly announced his feelings for Eric, so we’re guaranteed to observe how their relationship develops.

As well as this, Maeve’s friend Isaac (George Robinson) deleted Otis’ voicemail to Maeve telling her that he loves her. Maeve also found out that her mum (Anne-Marie Duff) was using drugs again and called social services on her.

This is merely the tip of the iceberg, as there is still a great deal to discover and research.

Who Is In The Cast Of The Show?

Well there’s absolutely no news but we can expect the major cast of this series to go back for the next season also which comprises Otis played with Asa Butterfield, Maeve played by Emma Mackey, Eric played with Ncuti Gatwa, Jean played by Gillian Anderson, Adamcplayed by Conor Swindells, Aimee played by Aimee Lou Wood, Jackson by Kedar Williams.