Sex Education Season 3

We are all hoping we’ll return to Moordale shortly, but how long do we have to wait?

As though anticipation for the delayed third season of Sex Education was not too large enough, star Asa Butterfield has just gone and increased the hype further before this long-awaited reunite to Moordale.

Composing on Twitter, the Otis Milburn actor cryptically revealed, “Lemme only say, you lot are not prepared for the season, trust me”

That fascinating statement might not give too much away but it isn’t the first time that someone involved in the series has teased some fairly big things that are going to happen in the upcoming run.

Back in May, costume designer Rosa Dias stated Sex Education season three could have an explosive finish which has large implications for the season, making sure the writers could have”a huge challenge in their hands”.

One thing we do know is that the series will continue to concentrate on a storyline that played a major part last time, with newly-crowned BAFTA winner Aimee Lou Wood revealing”Aimee’s story in season two, it’s continued, [and] it’s handled superbly during season three also.”

Plus it appears season three won’t be the end of the road just yet, with Wood previously asserting she was discussing potential plot lines to get a fourth run.

“I’m referring to a storyline for season four at the moment that I’m giving some feedback on,” she explained during a BAFTA Q&A.

Keep reading your final guide to Sex Instruction season three from rumors, spoilers and cast news.

Sex Education Season 3 – Will It Not Release in 2021?

Sex Education season 3 launch date isn’t supported, but it may not be in 2021. Formerly, fans believed that June of 2021 is going to be the time when a new setup will rock their screens, but that aspect has canceled out. It’s because Netflix, the streaming giant, has let out the listing of all the content that it is ready to release in June 2021, and we do not observe a Gender Education season 3. This delay has been skyrocketed because of their Corona Virus pandemic, which only rocked our planet and mostly affected the entertainment industry as they needed to stop with all their product works. These delays led to the late beginning of filming, which happened in the autumn season of 2020.

With the shoots wrapping up in March of 2021, the post-production period of Sex Education 3 has started. Normally, it is discovered that the new season on Netflix drops out after 6 or 7 months of the first release on the platform. Given the fact that the pandemic isn’t fully over yet and a lot of precautions needs to be taken to protect against a fresh wave of the virus, this time can get extended as long as the end of 2021. Therefore, the Sex Education season 3 release date might be in the early half of 2022. This is only speculation as nothing was confirmed officially by Netflix, and we could only depend on their final decision.

Sex Education Season 3

What Will Be The Plot Of Season 3?

Though there’s been no confirmation about the storyline by the officials yet, during an interview with the guardian Asa gave us a little insight into the series. There’ll be a time jump because of the last season’s cliffhanger.

Otis is going to be seen as a little grown, mature, sassy. He’s got a lot on his plate, but do not worry he still as awkward as he was. It will be interesting to see his charisma.

Sex Education season 3 cast: Who’s returning and who’s new?

As the end of season two teased numerous potential new connections, audiences should expect to see that the main Sex Education cast return for season three; — Otis (Asa Butterfield), Maeve (Emma Mackey), Eric (Ncuti Gatwa), Jean (Gillian Anderson), Adam (Connor Swindells), Aimee (Aimee Lou Wood), Jackson (Kedar Williams-Stirling) and villainous Mr. Groff (Alistair Petrie) — most of whom appeared in the show’ renewal video.

It looks like Olivia (Simone Ashley) may also return, despite being cast as an outcome of Bridgerton’s season two. Ruby (Mini Keene) and Anwar (Chaneil Kular) also need to return.

We would also expect to see; Steve (Chris Jenks), Miss Sands (Rakhee Thakrar), Mr. Hendricks (Jim Howick), Ola’s dad Jakob (Mikael Persbrandt), Maureen (Samantha Spiro), Sofia (Hannah Waddingham), and Roz (Sharon Duncan-Brewster), and Remi (James Purefoy).

Since the show started we have seen the inclusion of a few key cast members. Season 2 also included three new faces; Rahim (Sami Outalbali), Jackson’s friend and tutor Viv (Chinenye Ezeudu), and Isaac (George Robinson), together with the latter proving very controversial from the season finale. Given how essential they were to the plot of season two, audiences should expect to see them in season three.

Netflix has announced a few new improvements for season three too. We know there will be a brand new headteacher, played by Girls star Jemima Kirke. We know she is a former student and she is eager to improve Moordale! Harry Potter and Star Trek: Discovery celebrity Jason Isaac has also joined the show’s leading line-up as the — more effective — brother of disgraced headteacher Mr. Groff.

A gender-non-conforming songwriter and singer Dua Saleh will play Cal, a non-binary student.

A few question marks remain over a few characters such as Maeve’s mum Erin (played by Anne-Marie Duff).

Maeve’s brother Sean (Edward Bluemel) has not been seen since year one, and it appears unlikely he will look in season three.

Speaking to, Bluemel stated he expected to return one day but appeared to rule out a look in season three.

Asked about a recurrence, he said: “I have to wait and see actually. It’s something that has been talked about and I believe, judging by those who have watched the series, I think it makes sense if he does return”

“It is a fascinating one playing a character whose whole schtick is that he’s never there, since you’re like,’ Oh, I have been cast because this brilliant role,’ but his principal thing is that he is never there, therefore it’s quite funny waiting.”
The star added: “I’d like to see him return. Inspired by what other people have said, I think they would also, so hopefully farther down the line we may see Sean return.”

“The longer they keep him off-screen, the more effect it has when he comes back on screen. He might die off-screen,” he added. “Which would be exciting in a different way to find out about!”

Sex Education creator Laurie Nunn spoke to Attitude concerning the show’s approach to figures — old and new.

“We take personalities you’ll be familiar with — that the school bully, the loser, the popular woman — and we dig and find the things that are surprising about them,” she explained. “Then you are like, actually they’re all the same, that they just desperately need to fit in and be accepted.”