Sex Education Season 3

Covid delayed many shows on TV, but it was worth the wait. Sex education was the most painful. Laurie Nunn was releasing her excellent Gen-Z comedy every January. It was a positive way to start the year. This is a reminder of happier and more innocent times, considering that the last season was uploaded to Netflix just months before the pandemic.

After a long hiatus, this season of the sex-positive sitcom will return this September. Here’s what we know.

When Will Season Three Come Out?

Netflix announced that Sex Education would return for its third series on September 17. First photos from the Twitter announcement include Otis and Eric on radio, Aimee in town, Adam on a field trip, and the new headmaster arriving on Moordale Hale (more below).

What’s the Sex Education season 3 plot?

sex education has a reputation for using multiple characters and telling many stories simultaneously. Otis, a teenage boy, started a sexual clinic for his high-school classmates. He explains the subtleties of sex, sexuality, and gender to them. He has experienced an incredible sexual arc: from not feeling any sexual attraction to feeling it all of the time. Season 3 shows him having casual sex.

Sex Education Season 3

But does he know of other potentially fatal events? We discovered that Jean the sex therapist was pregnant with the child of the plumber. Maeve is his sexy feminist lover interest. Isaac deceitfully deleted Otis’ declaration of love via her voicemail. Otis is likely to believe that his love has not been reciprocated since season three is one-third the length of season two.

Eric, Otis’s best buddy, has started a new relationship. Eric can’t seem to forget about his bully Adam. After season two’s emotionally charged finale, Aimee discovers that feminism is for her. Jackson, the former swimming champion has found a new girlfriend.

Mr. Groff, the stern and traditional headmaster, has been taken off. Hope, the headmistress of Hope, is replacing him. Hope works hard to build a high school. And she’s already starting with school uniforms.

Netflix says we should prepare for vulva cupcakes, alien phenomena, and other commitment animals.