The political forces have made it clear this Friday to the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, that there might be a majority of the govt that follows the present one. But this majority must be verified.

I will be able to take the initiative, said the top of state from the Quirinal at the top of the third and Judgment Day of consultations to hunt an answer to the crisis of the govt opened a fortnight ago.

Therefore, Mattarella has entrusted the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Roberto Fico, with an exploratory mandate to verify if the conditions are really there to return the outgoing majority.

Matteo Renzi’s position for the longer term of Italy is once more decisive. the primary objective of the leader of Italia Viva may be a new political government, preferably not led by Giuseppe Conte.

Renzi didn’t veto his name, but asked Mattarella to not entrust him with the task during this first phase: We aren’t yet available for a mandate to Conte.

Without their support, the accounts don’t begin because Conte has not found senators willing to support him and in Palazzo Madama, without Italia Viva, he’s seven votes in need of reaching a majority of 161.

However, upon leaving the meeting with the president, Renzi spoke for 27 minutes ahead of the cameras and said that they’re prepared to support an institutional government or a political one; we prefer the latter, but we’d like to understand if they need to be with us. they need to affect us.  additionally, he revealed that he had a conversation with Conte before getting to the Quirinal during which he told him that he isn’t a fight for personal reasons.

In summary, Renzi still seems willing to return to support the govt coalition that he himself broke a fortnight ago, but first he would invite an ambitious program which his former partners tell them if they need to calculate them. Meanwhile, yesterday it had been leaked that he would support the exploratory commission of Roberto Fico, of the Five Star Movement (M5E).

The undersecretary of the Democratic Party, Andrea Orlando , responded with some ambiguity: To resume the bulk with Renzi we must understand whether he vetoes Conte or not . That is, if what he said within the Quirinal is true or if what he said more is true. late to the press. The last word has, of course, Mattarella.


The consultations are made under strict security protocols against the coronavirus, during which Mattarella, 79, was protected by methacrylate screens. His last meeting this afternoon was with the most important party within the hemicycle, the M5E.

The party’s leader, Vito Crimi , expressed to the President of the Republic his willingness to debate with those that seek to offer concrete answers to the country’s needs. Also opening up to Italia Viva. Crimi confirmed that Conte is that the person they ask to entrust to the new Executive.

The exploratory mandate was the hypothesis that seemed most likely: that the top of State would mean an institutional figure, like the inside Minister Luciana Lamorgese or Roberto Fico, who is a component of the M5S and thus of the bulk, to verify if the Movement , the Democratic Party, LeU and Italia Viva can and need to possess a replacement experience of state together, which could even be chaired by Conte.

Conte has had the support of the Democratic Party (PD, center-left) and Free and Equal (LeU, left), additionally to the new party of Europeists born intentionally to support this Executive, which yesterday visited Mattarella.

We express the desire to support President Conte, who even within the last vote of confidence clothed to be a gathering point and balance, said the overall secretary of the PD, Nicola Zingaretti , at the top of the consultations.

The Democratic Party supports outgoing President Giuseppe Conte to make a government that will calculate a broad and solid parliamentary base, which follows within the wake of the ECU tradition, capable of facing the emergencies of the pandemic and completing capable institutional reforms. to restart the country.


Meanwhile, the right-wing parties have come to the fore united in their refusal to Conte against Mattarella, with the leaders of the League, Matteo Salvini and therefore the Brothers of Italy, Giorgia Meloni, alongside the vice-chairman of Forza Italia, Antonio Tajani.

However, Efe reported, within the previous couple of hours some nuances have emerged between them, since the conservative Forza Italia has shown itself available to a government of national unity, while for the far-right Meloni the sole answer of this example is elections.

For his part, the sovereignist Salvini opened himself to a possible unity government, but on the condition that most actors are the parties of the proper.

Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was today the good absentee within the round of consultations because his recent heart problems have forced him to rest completely.