Criminal Court No. 3 of San Sebastian was sentenced to two years in prison and a fine of 100,000 euros to Sergi Enrich and Antonio Luna by spreading a video of sexual content reports IUSPORT. Eddy Silvestre, accused of the dissemination of said video and whom the two protagonists of the video pointed out as the person responsible for having made the images viral, has been acquitted.

The video of Sergi Enrich and Antonio LunaEnrich and Luna are convicted of a crime of discovery and disclosure of secrets that affects personal data that reveal sexual life. In this way, the Criminal Court considers that both are primarily responsible for the recording of said video, despite not having the consent of the woman who was part of those images, and also for their subsequent dissemination.

Both Enrich and Luna faced sentences of up to five years in prison. However, the two showed their repentance in the trial that was held in October and deposited 110,000 in the form of damages to the victim of this whole case. His behavior caused the five years to be lowered to two. It remains to be seen whether they both decide to close the case or file an appeal to lower the sentence.

Luna is a past of Eibar, but Enrich continues to be an important part of the gunsmith team and this sentence is a hard blow. In the Basque club, they do not hide that it does not benefit their image at all that one of their most important players is involved in such a situation. After the departure of Ramis, Sergi was in charge of wearing the bracelet, although curiously in recent games it has not been like that and Kike has been the captain.

Sources from the gunsmith club have not wanted to reveal to MARCA what have been the reasons that Enrich is no longer the first captain of the team, but it is evident that neither his attitude in recent times nor this case helps him.