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Different SEO marketing platforms have become the pinnacle of the evolution of Internet marketing tools, indispensable for any website owner seeking to increase its profitability. Their usefulness and effectiveness have earned respect among the owners of websites that are used to sell goods and services to consumers.

Nevertheless, even those people who are constantly working on their sites sometimes do not immediately understand the meaning of a marketing platform as an Internet marketing tool, but after trying it, they become their fans. At least we at are sure of it and here we are going to reveal a few useful tips.

What is a marketing platform?

In order to sell any product or service, we need a place for its sale. One of the accessible and popular places of sale is the site. However, there are competitors who also have a website and have the same or similar product. To gain a competitive advantage, site owners are forced to improve their websites.

The Best SEO Marketing Platforms are comprehensive marketing tools and represent the new round of marketing evolution, the purpose of which is an integrated approach to managing sales through the site and an indispensable increase in these sales.

The marketing platform does not reject the use of other tools such as banners and contextual advertising, but it adds new features to them that increase the possibility of using them in combination. The initial idea was to increase the strength of each of them by using the capabilities of all the others.

In addition, it reduces the total cost of using them many times compared to using each of them separately. That happens because of the following structure of the platform:

  • The advertising effectiveness evaluation module helps to identify ineffective and least effective advertising campaigns, thereby helping to reduce their costs;
  • Lead management module and e-mail marketing module allow you to increase the conversion of site visitors into real buyers;
  • SEO module determines what errors your site contains that will impede promotion, current positions for promoted key queries;
  • The statistics and analytics module generates general site statistics, the number of visitors across all traffic channels, site conversion, and other indicators;
  • The social networking module allows you to manage publications in groups and, among other things, receive statistics on these publications.

As a result, at present, marketing platforms are the most advanced Internet marketing tools that allow the site owner to get the maximum return and increase the profitability of his site at a minimum cost.

Practical results of using a marketing platform 

As studies of a developed Western e-commerce market show, the main results of using a marketing platform by a site owner are the following:

  • advertising budget savings up to 35%;
  • ensuring site conversion up to 25%;
  • increase in profit from sales up to 40%;
  • obtaining unique global analytics and summary reports on the site and all actions of leads on it; as well as constant contact with the audience of the site.

In particular, it is thanks to such outstanding results that marketing platforms have become an indispensable tool for website owners in the modern e-commerce market.