In 2017 Selena Gomez underwent a kidney transplant when the artist was just 24 years old and, according to the information she shared on social networks, it was her friend Francia Raisa who gave her this new chance at life.

Although the interpreter has spoken about this situation before, now she used her Twitter account to express her annoyance at a scene that was broadcast on the program ‘The Good Fight’, where they talk, as a joke, about that fact.

In one of the episodes of said show, which is a spin-off of ‘The Good Wife’, three of its characters talk about the jokes that could be presented for a television executive.

At that time they point out how there are limits in comedy, highlighting that you cannot talk about situations such as necrophilia, autism, or Selena Gomez’s kidney transplant.

The first to react to this scene was the singer’s fans, who made the hashtag #RespectSelenaGomez a trend to reject a joke in such bad taste.

Faced with this situation, the artist herself decided to speak out on social networks, where she thanked her followers for joining a campaign to defend her.

“I don’t know how writing jokes about organ transplants for television series has become reality but, sadly, apparently it has been,” Selena shared on her Twitter account.

“I hope that in the next screenwriting room when one of these jokes in bad taste is presented, it will immediately attract attention and not be broadcast,” he added in his message, which so far has accumulated more than 147,000 likes and exceeds 5,000 comments. where his legion of fans expresses their support.

The former Disney star also made it clear that she is aware of the boycott campaign, which her followers launched against those who make fun of their health problems and urged those who wish to register to be organ donors.

As published by ‘The Hollywood Reporter, a source close to ‘The Good Fight’ explained that when watching the episode in its entirety, the reference to Gomez is part of a discussion that the characters are having about topics that it is not okay to make fun of. “The reference is that his transplant is not something you can joke about,” the source stated.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that Selena has been teased on a show, about her transplant, because last year a similar situation occurred when the reboot of ‘Saved by the Bell’ dared to speculate with Selena’s donor identity, to ensure that she had been the mother of her ex, Justin Bieber, or Demi Lovato, rather than her friend Francia Raisa.

In September 2020, Gomez showed the scar left from the intervention on her Instagram account. “Now, more than ever, I feel confident in who I am and what I went through. and I’m proud of that,” she wrote next to the image.

He also noted in the show “Today” on NBC, “My kidneys were no longer working. That was, but I did not want to ask this favor to anyone who knew … so she [Francia Raisa] proposed to me without me tell him anything. “