Apple TV+ has created two years ago thanks to the sci-fi drama See by Steven Knight. See is a dystopian novel, set in a world that has been wiped out most of humanity by a virus.

Though not as innovative as its rivals in its first season, the action-packed series nonetheless boasted amazing production values, Alfre Woodard’s consistently excellent performance as Paris, and Jason Momoa as Baba Voss (no connection to the bottled water people–at least not yet).

After beating Jerlamarel (“Joshua Henry”), a blind guy who was fathering Kofun and other sighted children because he believed himself to be a savior of the world, Baba Voss (no. You can’t just refer to him as “Baba”) was reunited (Archie Madekwe).

Jerlamarel presented General Edo Voss, Kofun’s younger sister, Haniwa to Haniwa (Nesta) first. In the series, one finale, Maghera, (Hera Hilmar), returned to her sister Queen Kane’s side, who was the queen of prayer masturbation.

Season 2 Trailer

Dave Bautista, who plays Edo Voss, Baba Voss’ brother (and the only person permitted to omit the “Voss” in “Baba Voss”), joins the intriguing ensemble for season two. Edo must have kidnapped Haniwa. There must be unresolved family conflicts. Dave Bautista addresses this question in this exclusive featurette.

Baba Voss was previously faced with an egotistic opponent who believed that seeing people could be restored. Edo Voss, a blind man like the majority of See’s population seems to be equally passionate about this task.

(The hiring blind and low vision performers, along with Joe Strechay’s attentive consulting, helps to reduce this obsession with sight.

Is that why he brought his stepdaughter back home to his castle? While we’re on the topic, Baba still refers to Edo and his father as unnamed. You can expect more action from Momoa and sword-wielding to come in the featurette. Maghera is now Kanzua’s co-ruler, which is a good thing since Queen Kane certainly knows how to share.