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Searching around for the best online casinos you can play, you’ll be spoiled with many choices. You can find online casino platforms in the United States and those outside the country, such as in Europe. But aside from just randomly looking for online casinos, it is very crucial that you find those that are licensed, such as by the Malta Gaming Authority or MGA.

Now playing in a licensed casino is vital because this will ensure and guarantee you are safe throughout your play. So, in this article, we will help you maintain your safety while playing online casinos by introducing you to the best ones licensed by MGA today. But first, let’s get to know what MGA is all about.

What Is Malta Gaming Authority? 

The Malta Gaming Authority is Malta’s gaming control board. This regulates several kinds of gambling within its territory, including brick-and-mortar or land-based and online gambling services. It also regulates business-to-consumer or B2C and business-to-business or B2B services.

This authority ensures licensed casino gaming operations are fair and transparent to every player, preventing crime, money laundering, and corruption and protecting minors and vulnerable casino gamers.

Now that you have learned what MGA is about, let’s head over to the list of the best MGA-licensed casinos you should choose over others to be safe during the game.

What Are Some Of The Best MGA-Licensed Casinos?

These MGA-licensed casinos should be preferred over others because they have been regulated by the MGA, ensuring players who play them are safe and secure.

1. Chipz 

A very young online casino since it only opened during the summer of 2022, Chipz is among the best and safest Internet casinos out there. Chipz is the first instant casino by Rootz and also its first wagering-free casino. What is this all about? With Chipz, new and local players can access superb wagering-free free spins. Plus, this casino is also straightforward to navigate.

Specifically, with your first deposit here, you can claim 100 wager-free spins on 10 fantastic games. A loyalty program is also present that will give you more perks. This casino also promises instant and fast withdrawals, and it is tax-free.

2. Kazoom Casino

If you are into playing online casinos and love the action, Kazoom Casino is the perfect choice. Yes, it is very safe to play this because this casino holds a license from the Malta Gaming Authority. An action-packed online casino, it provides quality gaming and super-fast financial transactions in all directions. Plus, players can withdraw their winnings tax-free. Who could ask for more?

Moreover, Kazoom Casino also features a two-part welcome offer with 100 free spins, as well as €100 in bonus money. Additionally, this Internet casino is also elementary to play. Players can choose from over 1,800 games. Talk about abundance.

3. Spinz

Also a young online casino which launched in March 2022, Spinz is for the tough casino player. Likewise owned by Rootz, similar to the other licensed casinos on this list, Spinz is a top-quality online casino known for its five-star performance. No wonder it is a top choice among players who want a much more comprehensive selection of games, bonuses, and rewards.

Furthermore, Spinz is above the rest as it offers stuff other casinos do not – its very own streaming platform. If you have an online casino that offers good gimmicks, choose this tax-free casino.

4. Dunder

Meanwhile, if you are searching for quotes and inspiration to brighten your day, Dunder Casino is the place to be. Apart from the various games they offer, Dunder provides more for casino game lovers. For instance, it doubles up a player’s first deposit by up to €50 and gives another 100 free spins and other promos and perks.

Here, there are more than 2,800 games to play. All are high-quality and fun. The platform is also very functional and easy to use.

5. Videoslots 

If the number of games in this list of MGA-licensed casinos so far did not impress you yet, there are other choices, such as Videoslots. Get this, Videoslots offers more than 8,800 games from various casino game providers. You read that right. Videoslots Casino is meant to be diverse, as it is one of the largest in today’s market.

In addition, there are literally several things to do here at Videoslots, with its promotions, tournaments, and great welcome offers that entice new players to try playing here.

The top-notch platform features friendly customer service that can attend to your needs and concerns. There are also various payment methods casino players can choose from, so your experience here will be totally hassle-free.

6. N1 Casino

If you are in Finland, you can choose to play at N1 Casino. This Finnish online casino also offers several amazing perks. For one, welcome offers give first depositors and new players bonus money and free spins. And because it is licensed by the MGA, playing here is tax-free. What are you waiting for? Go check this out now.

But the list does not end here. Get to know more about casinos licensed by the MGA. They are:

  • Rapid Casino
  • Sisukasino
  • Wheelz
  • Boom Casino

Concluding Words

Yes, with the growing popularity of online casinos nowadays, several institutions offer them, so searching around, you will definitely find a lot. But not all online casino platforms are created equal. Some are conniving, and some are secure to play on. Be sure to choose the latter.

Choosing licensed online casinos over others is vital because only these will offer you a fair platform to play on. Casinos operating without licenses are not entitled to respond to players and are not accountable. For instance, if they decide not to pay out players, they can quickly devise an excuse and refuse your withdrawal request because they are not licensed. Therefore, online casino players must check first if the platform they are playing on is licensed.