Seal Team Season 5

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Season five of SEAL Team is underway. Filming is expected to begin in July 2021. Paramount Plus will air the new season’s military drama series. It aired previously on CBS. Fans want to know more about the new season’s release date.

Seal Team Season 5: Release Date

AJ Buckley, a fan favorite, couldn’t contain himself and gave fans thrilling news about Seal Team’ season 5. Buckley posted an Instagram update stating that “Seal Team” season 5 would begin filming within four weeks. The show will premiere on Paramount+.

Despite this positive news, there is no official release date yet for “Seal Team” season 5. But, certain reports claim that the new season could begin airing as early as September 2021.

Seal Team Season 5

Seal Team Season 5: Where to watch?

CBS finally handed the project over after airing four seasons of “Seal Team” and will now allow another subscription platform to broadcast it. Paramount+ now has the show. Fans would have to change their broadcaster to see ‘Seal Team season 5’.

The cast of SEAL Team Season 5

It is expected that the SEAL team’s main cast will return for its fifth season. Buffy’s David Boreanaz is expected to return as Master Chief Special Warfare Operator Jason Hayes. Nancy Drew’s Max Thieriot is back as Special Warfare Operator First Class Clay Spenser. Neil Brown Jr. will serve as Senior Chief Specialist Warfare Operations Operator Sonny Quinn. AJ Buckley, our Special Warefare Operator Sonny Quinn, will also be there. Toni Trucks and Ensign Lisa Davis will be present.