During the Royal Rumble 2021 broadcasts via WWE Network, SmackDown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks retained her championship after defeating Carmella in a hand-to-hand match.

This was the company’s second pay-per-view matchday of the year. Where both fighters were very even. In the final minutes of the match, Reginald was thrown out of the ringside zone despite Carmella’s attempts to make her rival perform. Sasha Banks reversed the fight by performing the Bank Statement to make Carmella surrender

Thus The Legit Boss continues his 98-day reign with the SmackDown Women’s Championship. Sasha won the belt at the Hell in a Cell 2020 event by defeating Bayley in a match inside the steel cage during the pay-per-view event on October 25. The superstar not only won the SmackDown title for the first time in her career, but also became a triple crown champion (adding her reigns in RAW and team), and a grand slam champion (adding her reign in NXT).

Sasha Banks Took It Out On Reginald

After defeating Carmella for the title at TLC 2020, Sasha Banks has been seen in multiple clashes with The Untouchable in the face of an anticipated rematch between the two women. Last week, The Legit Boss agreed to a new title match in exchange for entering the ring with his assistant Reginald. The latter was defeated by Banks and placed her in a good position for the defense announced a couple of days ago.