Do you want a 5G mobile, so it won’t get old next year, but you don’t want to spend a fortune? Great, because there are finally several options on the market. What we are going to talk about today is one of the most recent, the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G.

Samsung is one of the few non-Chinese brands that are currently launching mid-range and low-end products with quite modern and competent features and designs, to which we must add that all their phones have slightly better than average screens because Samsung produces OLED panels at close range and keeps many for their mobiles.

The Galaxy A32 5G has surprised me by two issues a 5,000mAh battery, more typical of high-end phones than those that cost two hard, and that it has 5G, which is why I am writing this.

Although we have been hearing that 5G is coming for almost a decade and seeing a lot of representatives of companies of all kinds selling smoke on this new standard, the truth is that now it is finally reaching the end user in what really matters mobile, download speed and coverage improvements.

Although there are still a couple of years left before it can be said that it is going to replace 4G, many teleoperators already offer the option (without costs) of using 5G coverage and, if you are going to buy a mobile phone, well now it is worth having this option and is a way to ensure that in a couple of years it will continue to function as it should.

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These two aspects are the icing on the cake for a phone that is really very good and that for what it costs (I insist, less than 300 euros ) it compensates a lot. I consider its 128GB of storage sufficient (they can be expanded by microSD), it is up to date with Android updates, its screen is gigantic and with good resolution (in case you watch movies or series on public transport) and it has neither more nor less four rear cameras (plus selfies).

The camera system is nothing to write home about and cannot compete with that of mobiles that cost four times what the Galaxy A32 5G does, but having a zoom or a wide-angle despite not being the best in its category is fine. In addition to these two, there is a camera to take very close photos and that come out sharp (a lens for macros) and another dedicated only to photos with a blur effect.

If I had to criticize something about this mobile, it would be that, although it has a good minimalist design, the body is made of plastic, which shows that it is plastic. It is not a big problem because we all know that we will automatically put a cover on it so it does not break, but it is something to keep in mind.

Another aspect is that it only has 4GB of RAM, which is not few, but not that many. Nowadays, many applications are optimized thinking more about the 8GB that the higher-end phones carry, and that sometimes plays tricks on those with less memory. If this is something that worries you, you may need to look at other phones .. which are also more expensive, unfortunately

In short: there are few mobiles for less than 300 euros that offer what the Galaxy A32 5G does: good brand, good screen, good battery, 5G, and enough performance to give Fortnite to the nephew when he begins to grill at a family meal.

If you have to renew your phone and you are not one of those who change terminals every year, it pays for you to have one with 5G connectivity so that tomorrow you will not have problems with your company’s coverage.


If despite everything we do not convince you with the Galaxy A32 5G, here are other phones that do not go overboard with the price and that also have 5G coverage

The cheapest of 5G mobiles, but also the one with the most humble performance. Xiaomi’s low-end series is having a lot of success and mobiles, although not as powerful, work very well.

A more recent and powerful version of Xiaomi’s 5G mobile. It also has a larger screen and much more capable cameras, but this does not inflate the price too much, which remains far from the 300 euros.

If you don’t want a Xiaomi mobile, the Chinese alternative is Realme, which despite having been in our market for fewer years, is making a good niche because they are very competent products for popular prices.

The same idea as with the Realme it is Chinese, it is not Xiaomi, but it maintains good performance and has a somewhat superior design than its competitors, although it does not increase in price either. It also has four rear cameras.

If you are willing to break the barrier of 300 euros, but without reaching 500, the OnePlus Nord is possibly the best mobile in its category and also has 5G connectivity. Its performance is incredible for what it costs and its brand always keeps the terminals updated for up to two years.