Two of the most recognized Mexican stars in Hollywood are enjoying a heavenly vacation on the island of Bora Bora with their families.

We refer to the actress Salma Hayek and the film director Alfonso Cuarón, who was seen very relaxed through some photos shared on social networks

In one of the images, shared by the Veracruz artist, he can be seen with Cuarón and his daughter, Bu Cuarón. In addition, the model Mathilde Pinault, daughter of Henry Pinault and stepdaughter of Hayek, also appears.

“Waiting for the daisies in the holidays,” Salma wrote next to the publication, where both she and the film director look very casual, far from the elegant outfits we are accustomed to on the big red carpets.

As expected, the millions of fans of both celebrities were quick to react, and so far the publication has accumulated more than 390,000 likes and thousands of comments.

“My favorite actress is beautiful. With a great, pure level of the seventh art”, “Did she tell you what her next movie is?”, And “Beautiful image. I’m glad you’re having a good time”, are some of the messages that they can be read alongside the snapshot.

There were even some users who began to speculate if this meeting could lead to a future project together, although it seems that it is simply a few days of family relaxation.

In another image shared by Hayek, he can be seen posing with a smile on his face alongside Augustin James, the son her husband, François-Henri Pinault, had with model Linda Evangelista. In addition, in the background, you can see Cuarón again.

“Long live the weekend,” said the Veracruz actress next to the postcard, where she showed that she is an excellent stepmother, which earned her more than 54,000 ‘likes’ and hundreds of comments.

It should be noted that Salma Hayek and Alfonso Cuarón have had a great friendship for a long time, as well as their daughters, Bu Cuarón and Valentina Paloma, who even attended a Billie Eilish concert together a couple of years ago and posed with the singer.

This close relationship between the two families could also be seen a year ago when Salma shared an image with Bu on social networks, where she told her that she loved her very much.

“I love many animals and many people in the world, but on this National Day of Giving Love to People, I send extra love to you” were the words that the international star dedicated to Cuarón’s daughter.