Dakar has not diminished Carlos Sainz’s desire for victory. The current winner of the toughest rally in the world is aiming for his fourth Touareg to match Ari Vatanen, the only driver with four victories in cars. Ahead, the unattainable Peterhansel with seven. ‘El Matador’ today reviewed with the Spanish media his feelings just a few days away to leave for Jeddah, where he expects a different Dakar due to the invisible threat of Covid-19 and novel, yes the promise of the race director is fulfilled who assured that the route would be new in 80-90%.

The bivouac will be the first bubble and within the Mini team, we will have a second bubble. This logistically creates some inconvenience. The start and finish ceremonies will be totally different. This happy pandemic will change our routines. The arrival of Prodrive will add sports competitiveness. Toyota has also improved and the fight with Nasser will be strong. The important thing is that the sports part can develop without problems and in this sense, it is not so different.
The first year was tuning, the second was already excellent and in this, the Mini is going to get better

The first year was a set-up, the second was already excellent and in this, although there has been little the car Last year was very important and it worked in our favor, we also had some minor problems. We have not been able to make any evolution with BF Goodrich,  although I do not think they have had time to test it.  The potential in Arabia is immense, it is an idyllic place for this type of racing. The second week last year was a bit dangerous, very, very fast, but the organization listened to us and learned and This year the two weeks pass through the north

This year it will be a little more difficult because we have only two spare wheels and if they give you a spare wheel the penalty is 15 and the second is 30. So you will have to get to the bivouac without any puncture. “To miss Alonso: He enjoyed I am convinced that when his period in Formula 1 is over, one of his objectives will be to try to win the Dakar, I am very convinced. “Carlos in red Ferrari:” He was in Maranello, he visited the factory, making his seat … but it was only a few hours.

Alonso vs Carlos in 2021 I don’t know where each one is going to be. I hope they are both as high as possible and hopefully, we can see them both on the podium, but talking about that now is impossible because nobody knows the evolutions of both. a team like another. I’m packing my suitcase he will give me some advice and then we will comment on the play every day. I will receive his advice. I am more patient than him to give explanations.  from Saudi Arabia they have reassured us. I was going to go on a commercial flight and I changed it to a charter on the 28th these are reassuring words.

carry a PCR in the last 48 hours. We will quarantine for 48 hours at the hotel to do another PCR before the start and during the race, they will randomly test us. If you are in a position to fight for the victory you also have to be aware of this, it is extra tension and you will have to be very careful during the race days good luck.

two cars Toyota and Mini Winning in first participation are not easy. It is not impossible, But it is not easy. The test paces are not like those of the race. Toyota has improved in power and suspensions but the Dakar is a different race than the Bajas we have done. The strategy and pace of the Dakar are different in Arabia.