Satire, irony, irreverence, parody, or the absurd are the ideal ammunition to criticize the established order of certain autocrats who try to abhor the masses. Sacha Baron Cohen (49) is one of the few actors capable of braking power without having to sign peace agreements or put up iron curtains. The Englishman is at the peak of his career because he has just joined the select club of actors with the most Golden Globe nominations in the same edition in three different categories. A record that until now only Helen Mirren (75) and Jamie Foxx (53) held. His nominations are for Borat, a sequel film (best actor in a comedy or musical and best production), and The Trial of the Seven in Chicago (best dramatic actor). The ceremony will be held on February 28.

The Borat interpreter has been happily married for a decade to Australian actress Isla Fisher (45) with whom he has had three children who, to date, have remained on the sidelines of Hollywood social life. In fact, the couple decided a few months ago to spend more time in Sydney – it is said that they have even enrolled their children in a school – and, according to the interpreter a few years ago, their ideal life would be spent in Byron Bay, the Empyrean town where Chris Hemsworth (37) and Elsa Pataky (44) live and where the youth idol Zac Efron (33) also recently settled.

The couple met at a party in Sydney in 2002, two years later they got engaged and, finally, in 2010 they secretly married in Paris in the strictest privacy before six guests. Isla converted to Judaism, as did Elizabeth Taylor when she married singer Eddie Fisher, the ex-husband, and father of the late Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher. The couple complements each other so well that when Isla began to doubt her abilities as an actress, it was Sacha himself who convinced her to show her talents in comedy.

And with success, For the Cohen-Fishers, the family is a fundamental pillar and over the years they have carefully chosen their roles in film and television. Their children Olive, Elula, and Montgomery are their greatest treasures, and on no occasion did they announce that they were expecting a child. The press noticed when the actress appeared pregnant at a public event. Sacha Baron Cohen has managed since she was seven years old to try to make people laugh. Becoming an actor began to become a profession thanks to the influences of Peter Sellers and the Monty Pythons.

With exquisite sensitivity, the marriage is always pending of the most burning social causes to which to lend its grain of sand. For example, in 2015 they donated almost a million euros to the NGO Save the Children to help the child population and Syrian women.
According to the Celebrity Networth portal, the fortune of the actor, who became the highest-paid Briton in Hollywood, amounts to just over 130 million euros. His fierce criticism of Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, and other freedom-castrating leaders have been a good source of income.