Among the sea of ​​tattoos that cover his skin, Roger hides some coordinates. They are not from the place where you met the love of your life or the place where you enjoy your hidden vacations. These are the coordinates of the stadium where he scored his first professional goal. That already defines you.

Roger scored the most important goal in Levante’s recent history on Wednesday night. The goal that gets the Granota team into the semifinals of the Copa del Rey and brings them closer than ever to their first title, their first final. And it could not be another. The boy from Torrente is an explosion an earthquake every time he jumps into the field. A rabid scorer permanently angry, but with the instinct of the greats. The two knee ligament tears have made it out of titanium. There are times when his character leads him to expulsions or hooked, some have had with Paco Lopez, who do not help him, but without that constant bad temper, that anger that daily fury, it would not be him.

Nicknamed the gunman, from a photo he has in his parents’ room dressed as a cowboy, he always makes the gesture of the pistols to dedicate his goals to him. He is a partner in his hometown of a gym whose motto is Your only limit, are you? A tireless worker, last year and self-imposed a single week of vacation, Roger has never stopped scoring goals. This campaign has already ten in the bag and last season more of the same.

Barcelona, ​​after Suarez’s injury, knocked on the door but Quico Catalan closed it at full speed. Roger was the chosen one before Braithwaite. He stayed and followed his line. Goals and more goals. But always with anger, like the one on Wednesday night in Orriols. 120 minutes and a breakout goal, like himself.