As of August 22, there will be news on Sunday afternoons on Record TV Europe. ‘Paredão dos Famosos’, the new section that will be shown within the ‘Hora do Faro’ program, will start.

Commanded by Rodrigo Faro, this game show is based on ‘The Hollywood Squares’, a classic format of North American television.

The game is divided into two phases. In the first, two families compete in three rounds of the rooster game. Then, the one with the best performance goes to the decisive stage, in which it needs to face a panel of nine celebrities, in a final round of the dispute. If he wins, the family can take home a prize of around € 3,200.

Of the nine artists on the celebrity panel, three will be fixed: Fabíola Gadelha, presenter of Record TV, and comedians Tirullipa and Sérgio Malandro.