With the celebration of the fifty-fifth edition of the Super Bowl, WWE has not been left behind when it comes to getting noticed in the most important American football event of the year. Next, we review the moments related to the company that this sporting event has left us.

Rob Gronkowski Scored The First Touchdown

Rob Gronkowski’s performance was one of the first details wrestling fans came to notice. The most recent acquisition of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was a key piece in his team’s victory by scoring the first touchdown of the day alongside Tom Brady. This fact made him the only NFL competitor to make the first touchdown of the night in five different editions of the Super Bowl.

Recall that Rob Gronkowski had several participations in WWE programming. Not only did he help his best friend Mojo Rawley win a battle royal at WrestleMania 33, but he was also the host of the last edition of the great event held in April of last year. On that day, Gronk won the Championship 24/7 and held it for 57 days in the longest reign of the title.

John Cena And Batista: Protagonists Of The Commercial Breaks

During commercial breaks, two WWE Superstars served as special guest roles for various brand advertisements. On the one hand, John Cena participated with Mountain Dew in a campaign to guess how many bottles of the liquid are in the commercial. On the other hand, the member of the WWE Hall of Fame Batista appeared in one of the many advertisements of Rocket Mortgage, one of the official sponsors of the sports show.

Reactions From Various WWE Superstars On Social Media

Several superstars presented their interest in the biggest game in the NFL through their Twitter accounts. Mojo Rawley was one of the first to celebrate his friend Rob Gronkowski’s scoring. Others like Baron Corbin and Angelo Dawkins were frustrated by the loss that Kansas City was offering, getting ridiculed by fanatic Tampa Bay fighters like Big E or the aforementioned Rawley.