There is less and less for season 5 of Riverdale, but with it is coming new theories about a relationship between Jughead and Veronica, after the 7-year time jump.

Let’s remember that in season 4 of Riverdale, we saw how Jughead’s girlfriend, Betty Cooper, had a passionate secret kiss with Archie, something that began to raise some doubts.

Now with the recent trailer for the show’s fifth season, we saw how Archie and Veronica were together at the prom, something that seems like it won’t last long with the time jump.

But, things seem like they won’t. Earlier this year, a casting call revealed that Jughead will be dating a woman named Jessica when he returns on the series. But this relationship will last for a very short time, just like Veronica’s.

Veronica will marry someone named Chad Gekko after the time jump. But from the looks of it, Chad will look like Veronica’s father, Hiram Lodge. This relationship will fail.

So it is suggested that Jughead after they meet again they can get closer and start a new romance between them, at the end of Riverdale.