Fans are finally getting their first look at the world of Riverdale post-time jump using a brand new collection of promotional images that reveal Archie in the military and a whole lot more. The popular teen play lately returned into The CW and Netflix to begin season 5, that has started together with the final few proposed episodes of season 4 and the end of high school for its core cast of characters. After those first few, Riverdale will be taking a seven-year hop into the future.

Over the course of its first four seasons, Riverdale has assembled a loyal fan base both for its diverse cast of characters, and its own increasingly eccentric dramatic plotlines. Riverdale’s storylines started by focusing on a single murder case, but it has since expanded to include cults, underground fighting rings, serial killers, organ harvesting, and much, much more murder. Through it all, Riverdale has turned into a significant cultural touchstone, with many other shows springing up in its wake to mirror its dark spin on the teenage play.

The show’s characters won’t be teenagers for much longer, but as their leap forward into maturity looms. Fans now finally have their first look at the cast following the time jump happens, courtesy of a brand new series of images revealed. The pictures show Archie in an army uniform, Betty standing in front of some type of grand investigation board, Jughead embracing a classic “lost generation” writer look (without his trademark hat), along with the new character Tabitha Tate – Pop’s granddaughter. There is also a look at the iconic diner and Toni Topaz performing in a concert.

Though they’re canonically old, the center characters don’t seem that many different years down the line. With high school ending imminently for its adolescents, fans are theorizing as to what force or forces could bring them all back to their hometown so many decades later. Together with the cast all pursuing different careers and leaving for new homes, it needs to be interesting to see them brought back together after so much time.

The core nature of the show likely will not change that much after the time jump. Riverdale’s adolescents haven’t worried much about normal teenage problems for a while, focusing instead on solving and committing various felonies. In the very least, the hop ought to shake up some of their relationship dynamics which were established for such a long time. Fans are in store for even more drama as Riverdale season 5 continues on The CW and Netflix.