The production of season 5 of Riverdale is practically ready, but actor KJ Apa has revealed what the processes are like for the cast to achieve a kiss in the series due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many Riverdale fans have been wondering how they will do with the romantic scenes of sex and kisses, now with the Coronavirus pandemic, it is getting stronger.

For that reason, Archie’s actor, KJ Apa, gives us the answer for kissing scenes, as they have been using a new modality to film those scenes.

KJ Apa, made the publication through his Instagram account, in which he showed the steps they must take to be able to have a romantic kiss with actress Camila Mendes.

Camila and KJ Apa, intertwined their hands as if it were a wedding, before drinking mouthwash for the kiss scene. They had to keep the mouthwash for at least 1 minute.

After his mouthwash, they spit it out into special plastic bags, this shows the strict security measures that are being done for the production of Riverdale season 5.

The premiere of season 5 of Riverdale is scheduled for next January 20, 2021, by The CW television.