Eminem apologized to Rihanna after insulting her in a song.

News that had made a lot of noise. Remember in November 2019, the words of a song by Eminem where he insulted Rihanna were controversial. Indeed, in this piece which had leaked on the Web, we heard the 48-year-old artist rapping: “Of course I’m on Chris Brown’s side, I too would have busted this bitch” thus referring to domestic violence suffered by the singer in 2009. These words both shocking and explicit had much reacted on the side of the fans of the Barbadian star especially since they had collaborated on the titles Love The Way You Lie and The Monster.

Today, Eminem seems to regret his gesture and for good reason, the rapper from Detroit has decided to apologize in song. In his new track Zeus, the latter raps: “But I, as long as I promise to be honest / And with all my heart, I apologize to Rihanna. For that song that leaked, I’m sorry, Ri / Ce n wasn’t supposed to cause you any grief. Anyway, it was wrong of me. ” If the young woman had already forgiven her friend for his clumsy words, this public apology should certainly put an end to this controversy once and for all. Elsewhere in the news and a whole different register, these adorable revelations prove that Rihanna and A $ AP Rocky are already madly in love.