Rihanna has just been sued for copyright infringement. Here are all the details of this case.

While all fans rejoiced to hear the tender revelations that A $ AP Rocky was secretly in love with Rihanna for years, the 32-year-old singer now finds herself in dire straits as she is being sued. for copyright infringement. Yes, the year 2020 will unfortunately not have been easy for anyone but it ends very badly for the interpreter of the title Diamonds. Usually very discreet and far from problems, Rihanna must now face accusations that she would certainly have done without.

According to information obtained by TMZ, German father-daughter musical duo King Khan and Saba Lou accused Rihanna of using one of their tracks without their permission in an Instagram post advertising accessories from her Fenty brand. Also according to the American media, the father and his daughter claim that they created the music and the lyrics for a song called Good Habits (and Bad) which, according to them, is in the singer’s post on social networks. The latter therefore claim damages. To be continued. In the rest of the news, know that Eminem apologized after once insulting Rihanna in a song.