On the October 7 episode of NXT, Ridge Holland injured his leg when he caught Oney Lorcan midair and was stretched out of the Capitol Wrestling Center. The WWE report indicated that Holland fractured and dislocated his ankle knee, and had a ruptured patellar tendon. In an interview with talk, Holland provided details on how his recovery is going and when he will be able to return to the ring.

I had a pretty strange incident.

I broke my left leg and dislocated my ankle. I also dislocated the kneecap in my right leg and broke my tendons. WWE’s medical staff are top-notch and have me well on my way to recovery.

Everyone was very concerned and only wanted the best for me. They made sure that I received the best medical care and assured me that everything was going to be fine. Personally, my mind was thinking that I should get back in the ring as quickly as possible so I was willing to do whatever it takes and be better than ever. They were all very helpful, from the doctors to Triple H’s coaches. It’s a really good support system and it’s nice to feel like others care about you.

I am just beginning to recover

But the doctor has said that it will take me six to nine months to recover, so I am watching day by day seeing how my knee and ankle feel. If I look too far into the future, I will probably focus on what to do today. So we’ll see how the recovery goes.