• Riddle would remain with WWE until 2024 and would earn around $ 400,000 annually
  • Riddle’s original contract expired in August 2021

Riddle has become one of the most prominent faces on Monday Night RAW. Since his transfer in the Draft, he has participated in the main stories of the red brand, being one of the outstanding superstars in the Survivor Series. Few weeks, Dave Meltzer, a journalist ago Wrestling Observer, announced that the contract between the wrestler WWE ends in August 2021. The company put on the table a renewal agreement for three years for a value of about $ 400,000 Guaranteed annually, plus an additional $ 50,000 for each show in Saudi Arabia. This afternoon more details about the operation have been known.

According to the specialized portal  Fightful, Riddle would have already signed the new contract that will join him with WWE for the next few years. The exact duration of the extension has not been revealed, but the portal reports that an agreement was reached over the past week. He also adds that WWE intended to get Riddle signed before the end of the year.

Fightful adds that this multi-year deal worth $ 400,000 a year was not the first offer WWE made. “They made an initial offer to Riddle and he didn’t seem too interested in renewing .” This made the company improve its conditions, which would end up accepting ‘The Original Bro’.

He Has The Support Of Vince McMahon

It was recently reported that Riddle has earned significant support on his way up the WWE main roster – Vince McMahon. “For McMahon, he’s very funny in his own strange way,” wrote Dave Meltzer. “He just doesn’t understand what ‘The Bro’ is, but he thinks it’s funny and thinks it has to be kept on television to grow.”