Ricardo Ricco, who raced in the Saunier Duval and was sanctioned for life for doping and who was about to die from injecting bags of blood in poor condition they had been in the refrigerator at home for 25 days said in his networks that vaccination for Covid-19 should not be mandatory. And that he will not do it because he does not trust what it may contain.

I read a tide of people who say that the vaccine has to be mandatory  But we are joking I do what I want with my body nobody can force me to do something that if it had negative effects on my body to recover. So you guys start injecting I don’t know what the fuck but don’t break the dicks of people like me who have informed themselves very well from medical friends and who is not going to get the fucking vaccine wrote the Italian former  Currently, the transalpine man lives in the Canary Islands with his partner where they have an ice cream and dessert business. Sanctioned last December for life On December 14 the Italian National Anti-Doping Court sanctioned the Italian second classified in the 2008 Giro d’Italia, for doping, who was already serving a disqualification until 2024. In February 2011 Ricco was admitted to a hospital in Modena northern Italy in

The serious condition with high fever and kidney failure.

The doctor who treated him assured that the runner had admitted to having made an autotransfusion of blood preserved in the refrigerator for 25 days an extreme that Riccò denied for months until admitting that he received an iron solution from the blood for medical prescription

The Italian’s first explanations did not convince his then team the Belgian Vacansoleil

DCM which in 2011 publicly announced the expulsion with immediate effect of Ricco, who was subsequently suspended by the Italian Cycling Federation. In addition, Ricco was already involved in a doping case in 2008 when he was sanctioned with twenty months of disqualification for testing positive force in the Tour de France, in which he had won two stages. In an interview for MARCA in 2013, Ricco pointed out that “my sanction the previous.