Royal Rumble was held last weekend with a 6-fight card, one of them being held at the Kickoff Show. One of the most important was the one that pitted Roman Reigns against Kevin Owens. They both gave it their all in a match with the Last Man Standing stipulation, where the winner had to make their opponent stay on the ground for 10 seconds.

In the final moments, Roman Reigns was chained to a post with a wife. The Tribal Chief was left in a compromised position, as he was unable to get up. The referee proceeded to count, but on 9 Reigns grabbed it and threw it against a structure. Despite being saved from danger, the problem continued. Paul Heyman appeared and, to get Reigns out of trouble, he took some keys from his pocket and bent down to free his client. The problem came when another referee showed up, started a new account, and Heyman was unable to remove Roman’s handcuffs. Incompressible, the referee stopped counting for no apparent reason and there was an awkward moment as Heyman was still unable to remove Roman’s handcuffs.

Finally, Heyman managed to remove the handcuffs from Reigns and he got up to apply a strangling key to Kevin Owens to later leave him lying on the ground and obtain the victory by the referee’s count of 10. The fight could end, but the moment of tension lived by the indecision of Paul Heyman generated much debate on social networks.

Many have wondered why Paul Heyman was unable to uncuff Roman Reigns. Dave Meltzer, a journalist for the Wrestling Observer, discussed this matter with his partner Brayn Alvarez on his last radio show. According to Meltzer, Heyman was unable to remove the handcuffs because the key entrance was located on the opposite side, which made it more difficult to fit from the position in which Roman Reigns was paralyzed.